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EMBA Module Details

Module 1: Orientation, Advancement and Leadership

The program begins with a multi-day Orientation Residency, which includes:

  • An overview of the program.
  • Strategies for balancing work and non-work pressures and family support.
  • Advancing yourself, your team, the enterprise and the economic region.
  • Developing an understanding of different functions within your organization and the economic region.
  • Initial case study.

Module 2: Decision Making

This module provides you with the foundational tools of applied decision making. It focuses on:

  • The five levels of leadership.
  • Quantitative decision making under uncertainty.
  • Qualitative decision making--understanding perpetual biases and other common decision-making errors.
  • Business forecasting.
  • Economics of the enterprise and financial reporting.
  • Tools and techniques for making decisions and allocating resources across competing priorities.

Module 3: The Business Environment

During Module 3, you'll learn:

  • How to identify and define marketing opportunities.
  • How marketing strategy fits within business strategy, international business and the global environment.
  • About managing the supply chain, and political, economic and social environments of the countries to be visited during the 10- to 12-day international trip (concluding with the trip).

Module 4: The Economics of the Enterprise

This module provides you with foundations of economic analysis of business choices in light of industry market structure and regulation. You'll study:

  • Macroeconomics for executives.
  • Legal Environment of business.
  • The role ethics has in career advancement and decision making.
  • Technology and optimal systems.
  • Managing talent, including yourself and others.

Module 5: The Financial Environment

Module 5 focuses on common approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of an organization's accounting function. You will:

  • Conduct an assessment of the firm's economic environment to improve decision making and strategic planning.
  • Look at organizational costs, financial analysis and project management from a leader's perspective.
  • Learn how to become both innovative and entrepreneurial in any organization.

Module 6: Making it Happen

During this module, you'll look at:

  • Strategic marketing planning and corporate financial strategy.
  • How to evaluate an enterprise-wide risk management program.
  • How to evaluate financial resources and regional risk management issues.
  • How to be a change agent and leader within your organization, managing the conflict, politics and challenges that result from change.

Module 7: Culminating Residency

This module focuses on:

  • Local, national and international resources.
  • Interaction with the government.
  • Public role as a business and community leader.
  • Pulling it all together.
  • Team project utilizing strategies learned in previous modules.