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Benefits of the MBA Executive Program

Invest in Yourself

Earning an MBA - Executive provides a return on your investment from day one.

It empowers you to solve complex challenges and navigate the political environment of your organization and industry. You'll gain confidence in yourself as you learn to build partnerships, manage conflict, lead change and articulate an exciting vision for the future.

When you enroll in the UW Oshkosh Executive MBA Path, you'll benefit from:

  • An interactive environment where you can collaborate with colleagues who share similar business challenges.

  • Work closely with a group of cohorts to strategize with others in a multitude of companies and industries, sharpen business acumen and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

  • Gain knowledge in a variety of skills and multiple facets of an organization. These insights can help you become adept at strategic thinking, succession planning and globalization, making yourself even more valuable to your company.

  • Course work that focuses on advanced business acumen, providing long-range perspectives that balance current economic downturns against opportunities for future expansion.

  • Global awareness lets you expand your understanding of other cultures in developed and emerging economies. You'll learn about broader economic, political, social and cultural influences and how they impact business practices.

  • International trip where you'll travel with your cohorts on a 10- to 12-day study tour. You'll go inside individual companies, meet with C-Suite leaders, investigate business challenges and opportunities and expand your personal and professional horizons.

Learn from Respected Professionals

UW Oshkosh faculty members are motivated to interact with high potential leaders and seasoned managers. Many are respected scholars. Others are successful consultants. All are gifted teachers.

Professors are supplemented by adjunct faculty members who may be entrepreneurs, senior executives, retired CEOs or individuals with a wealth of experience in their particular field. Enthusiastic and innovative, they promise to inspire a rich learning experience.