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“The personal mission statement and the self-assessment will make it possible to focus on the right goals and objectives. The program was one of the basic pillars of my development toward my current role.”

Arndt Fingerhut

Managing Director | , Allendorf, Germany

“It is the best program I have ever attended in my life. It has been a totally stimulating, thought-provoking experience – not just learning about leadership but also learning about myself.”

Xiaoqiu (Nelly) Li

Head Business Development and Product Management | , Beijing, China

“Each and every topic was presented exceeding my expectations”

 “I would recommend the program to anyone who is looking forward to improve and develop themselves for the challenging future”

Ali Yaman Okumusoglu

Head of Purchasing | , Manisa, Turkey

“The Program was a great opportunity to obtain refreshing insights about Leadership, Business Strategy, and Customer Journey. A significant part of the Program was spent on self-awareness and personal development, which is essential to grow as a leader.

“This Program broadened my vision about leadership and about daily management practices. It impacted my way of working with management and with my team on a day-to-day basis.”

Elisabeth Prasman

Head, Projects and Proposals | , Belgium, German

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