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M. Ryan Haley

Ph.D. Economics. University of Iowa, 2003
Office: Sage 2418
Office Phone: 920-424-7150
Expertise: Statistics, Economics/Managerial Economics, Finance, Quantitative Methods, Numerical Analysis

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Journal Articles

  • Haley, M.R. (Forthcoming). A Moment-Free Nonparametric Quantity-of-Quality Approach to Optimal Portfolio Selection: A Role for Endogenous Shortfall and Windfall Boundaries. Journal of the Operational Research Society.
  • Haley, M.R. (2017). On the Normalization and Distributional Adjustment of Journal Ranking Metrics: A Simple Parametric Approach. Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology.
  • Haley, M.R. A Parametric ``Parent Metric'' Approach for Comparing Maximum-Normalized Journal Ranking Metrics. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
  • Haley, M.R. (2015). A Ranking of Journals for the Aspiring Health Economist. Applied Economics.
  • Haley, M.R., & Cotti, C. (2014). Estimating the effectiveness of a misdemeanor drug diversion program using propensity score matching and survival analyses. The Social Science Journal, 51: 638-644.
  • Haley, M.R., & Miller, L.A. (2014). Correlates of Flexible Working Arrangements, Stress, and Sleep Difficulties in the US Workforce: Does the Flexibility of the Flexibility Matter. Empirical Economics.
  • Haley, M.R. (2013). Ranking Top Economics and Finance Journals Using Microsoft Academics Search Versus Google Scholar: How Does the New Perish Option Compare. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 65: 1079-1084.
  • Haley, M.R., Cotti, C., & Miller, L.A. (2013). Workplace Flexibilities, Job Satisfaction, and Union Membership in the US Workforce. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 52: 403-425.
  • Haley, M.R., Paarsch, H.J., & Whiteman, C.H. (2013). Smoothed Safety First and the Holding of Assets. Quantitative Finance, 13: 167-176.
  • Haley, M.R., McGee, M.K., & Walker, T.B. (2012). Disparity, Shortfall, and Twice-Endogenous HARA Utility. Econometric Reviews, 32: 524-541.
  • Haley, M.R., & McGee, M.K. (2011). KLICing there and back again: Portfolio selection using the empirical likelihood divergence and the Hellinger distance. Journal of Empirical Finance, 18: 341-352.
  • Haley, M.R., & Walker, T.B. (2010). Alternative Tilts for Nonparametric Option Pricing. Journal of Futures Markets 30, 30: 983-1006.
  • Haley, M.R. (2010). Bounding Revenue Leakages at Scale-Sale Timber Auctions: Evidence from Wisconsin State Forest Auctions. Empirical Economics, 39: 427-437.
  • Haley, M.R., & Whiteman, C. (2008). Generalized Safety First and a New Twist on Portfolio Performance. Econometric Reviews, 27: 457-485.
  • Haley, M.R., & Paarsch, H.J. (2004). The Stochastic Implications Of Rent Maximization: An Application To Stumpage Rates For Timber In British Columbia. Journal Of Applied Econometrics, 19: 25-48.
  • Haley, M.R., & (2003). The Response Of Worker Effort To Piece Rates: Evidence From The Midwest Logging Industry. Journal Of Human Resources, 38: 881-890.