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Supply Chain Management Major

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The UW Oshkosh SCM curriculum is designed to ensure students are positioned for success in a wide variety of SCM careers paths. The broad-based curriculum incorporates elements of Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return to illustrate the importance of synchronization through modern day closed loop supply chains.  Our hands-on learning approach gives students exposure to relevant business scenarios using cutting edge systems and applications including: SAP, SAP Lumira, and Excel Solver. The SCM program caters to current and future needs of industry.  With a focus on lean manufacturing and supply chain sustainability, the SCM program is designed to meet the 21st century needs of our regional, national, and global stakeholders.  The course descriptions and the key concepts learned in each course are listed below:


Course Descriptions

SCM 342 Supply Chain Modeling & Analysis (Offered Fall & Spring): Modeling and solving a wide assortment of problems in operations management and supply chain management using linear programming (Excel Solver).

SCM 343 Manufacturing Planning & Control Systems (Offered Fall only): Sales and operations planning, master scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity control, and Lean.

SCM 344 Supply Chain & Logistics Management (Offered Spring Only): online distribution network models, choosing facility location, lot sizes of combined shipments, lot size with discounts, aggregate planning, safety stock, transportation hours of service, Transportation rate comparisons, and Lean management practices.

SCM 345 Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing (Offered Fall & Spring): Global procurement strategy, procedures, and forms; negotiation (including global cultural differences), global transportation modes and regulations; Lean material purchasing & handling principles.

SCM 445 Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics (Offered Spring only): The study of 21st century supply chain strategies across the supply chain including: big data (Volume, Velocity, and Variety), supply chain analytics (using SAP Lumira), artificial intelligence, and supply chain integration

SCM 460 Quality Management & Six Sigma (Offered Fall only): Six Sigma tools and techniques including: basic statistical analysis, identification and creation of various control charts, identification of problems with data using control carts, examination of capabilities indices, ANOVA, and regression analysis.


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Graduate Profiles

“My name is Ana Martin and I am a native Brazilian. I moved to the United States in pursuit of higher education. I came to learn about the international student program at Oshkosh and found that to be a match for what I was looking for, especially because UWO offered SCM. When choosing a major, I wanted something that fit my adventurous spirit, something that I would never be bored with and that would offer me multiple career paths. This is why SCM was perfect for me. Upon graduating in Dec. 2011, I started as a buyer and moved to Philadelphia, PA. Shortly after, I was promoted to Regional Procurement Manager. Due to my exposure to procurement, I was assigned to lead an IT project, the build and implementation of SAP S4 Hana company-wide. The SCM courses not only prepared me to take the job at day one but also master it quicker, which accelerated my career. Given my experience with SAP, I am encouraged by the addition of SAP into the SCM curriculum. In today’s world, SCM SAP knowledge is extremely important, especially when trying to land your first job.”

Ana (Dias) Martin ‘11

Senior Manager of Supplier Data, Sysco Corporation

“I like the supply chain management program at UWO because it provided me with the knowledge and understanding of today’s business supply chain concepts and needs. Many different topics were covered that I use today to be successful in my job.”

Heather (Wolf) Guggenbuehl

Supply Planning Manager, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“What I enjoyed most about the SCM program at UWO, was the exposure I got to all of the areas and aspects of supply chain and operations. This knowledge and experience made me more desirable to employers, than many of my peers from other programs. My Junior year of college I did a purchasing internship with Sadoff Iron and Metal. My Senior year I was offered a demand planning internship at Schreiber Foods, where I worked with large corporations to forecast demand for our yogurt category. After a 6 month internship, I was hired before graduation to be a Supply Chain Planner for Schreiber Foods. In this role, I was responsible for planning capacity and production for $32M of working capital. After 2 years a planner, I moved out of the office and to the production floor, where I know lead a team of 40 partners as a Production Team Advisor.”

Isaiah Gray ‘17

Production Team Advisor, Schreiber Foods

“The UW Oshkosh supply chain major provides students with countless opportunities and experiences that set them up to be successful leaders both pre- and post-graduation. It is because of this that I continue to be a strong supporter of UW Oshkosh, and why I recruit so heavily there.”

Daniel J. Washkoviak

Site Director- Frito Lay , Frito-Lay

“I graduated May 2007 with a degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management from UW Oshkosh. I was able to secure an internship in my junior year at the Walgreens Distribution Center, then go on to obtain a full-time job with Walgreens right after graduation. The program gave me the confidence to put what I learned in the classroom to work in the field. I can say with certainty that my professors enabled me to be successful in my career.”

Cassandra (Sanchez) Bontz

Senior Application Analyst, Duluth Trading Company

“The well-known and industry-respected supply chain program at UW Oshkosh enabled me to work on multi-million-dollar supply chain operations immediately after graduation.” 

Marian Rothkegel ‘11

Procurement Compliance and Risk Team Leader, Kimberly Clark Corporation

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