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The UW Oshkosh College of Business
Graduate Programs present…

It’s Time

A podcast featuring UWO faculty and industry experts discussing leadership development and business strategy in northeast Wisconsin.


It’s time to achieve more. Join award-winning faculty and industry experts as they discuss business strategies and leadership concepts in a way that’s understandable, relatable, and most importantly, applicable. It’s Time is hosted by Professor Dale Feinauer, from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business, interviewing prominent leaders and executives from northeast Wisconsin. Additionally, Feinauer delivers solo episodes that dive deep into fundamental aspects of leadership from his 40+ years of leadership experience.

To quote W. B. Yeats, education is not the filling of a pot, but the lighting of a fire. It’s time to fuel that fire—to spark an interest and ignite a passion. As a production of the UW Oshkosh College of Business Graduate Programs, It’s Time represents a university without walls, offering free educational content for listeners seeking personal and professional development in business and leadership.

New episodes are released every other Wednesday, featuring industry professionals as guest hosts to discuss business solutions for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and alumni.





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It’s Time is a production of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business Graduate Programs, in association with Venture Project Studios.

  • Executive Producer: Aaron J Armstrong
  • Host: Professor Dale Feinauer
  • Creative Director: Madisen Potratz
  • Director of Photography: Ellizer Clune
  • Audio & Video Editor: Ellizer Clune
  • Marketing Strategy: Tera Larson
  • Social Media: Anuar Majana
  • Special Thanks to:
    • El Creative
    • Top Vu Media
    • Michael Patton
    • UW Oshkosh, College of Business Graduate Programs


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