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Master of Business Administration


Textbook information for Oshkosh onsite and online courses 
Textbook information for online MBA Consortium courses 

Spring Refund Schedule

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Core Course Prerequisites

Core courses are listed in the first column of this table — X indicates that the course in the top row is a required prerequisite.

Entry and Tools Courses
BUS 741XXXUnderstanding of Microsoft Excel
BUS 752XXX731, 741, 761 recommended
BUS 754X
BUS 761X
BUS 771X
BUS 794XXXXX731, 741, 761 recommended

Spring Course Schedule


Entry & Tools Courses


No Foundation courses offered onsite in Oshkosh in the Spring 2019 semester.


Bus 712-141 Data-Driven Decision (1.5 credits);Course number:41978;Tuesdays, 6-9:10 p.m., Appleton Executive Education Center, room 107B;First class meeting:February 5, 2019

Econ 704-241 Managerial Economics (1.5 credits); Course number:40966;Tuesdays, 6-9:10 pm, Appleton Executive Education Center, room 107B;First class meeting:  April 2, 2019


Bus 709-171 Accounting Foundations (financial) (2 credits); Course number:42012;Consortium class – Acct 703; 2/4-3/22;100% online;*Can be taken in place of tools course BUS 700 Financial Accounting for Executives

Bus 769-176 Foundations of Statistics (2 credits); Course number:42014;Consortium class – BSAD 702; 2/4-3/22;100% online;*Can be taken in place of tools course BUS 712 Data-Driven Decision Making

Bus 769-277 Microeconomics (1 credit); Course number:42015;Consortium class – ECON 703; 4/1-4/19;100% online;*Can be taken in place of tools course ECON 704 Managerial Economics (Macro must be taken as well)

BUS 769-278 Macroeconomics (1 credit); Course number:42016;Consortium class – ECON 704; 4/29-5/17;100% online;*Can be taken in place of tools course ECON 704 Managerial Economics (Micro must be taken as well)

Bus 791-091  Strategic Context of the Organization (3 credits); Course number:42057;2/4-5/17;100% online

Bus 798-191 Business Communications (1.5 credits); Course number:42058;2/4-3/22;100% online 

Functional Core Courses


Bus 731-001 Financial Management (3 credits); Course number: 41980;Tuesdays, 6-9:10 p.m., Sage Hall 4221, (Oshkosh);First class meeting: February 5, 2019

Bus 752-001 Cost Management (3 credits); Course number: 41986;Thursdays, 6-9:10 p.m., Sage Hall 2215 (Oshkosh);First class meeting: February 7, 2019


Bus 741-041 Operations & Process Management (3 credits); Course number: 41983;Wednesdays, 6-9:10 p.m., Appleton Executive Education Center, room 107B;First class meeting: February 6, 2019;


Bus 754-091 Information Systems in Organizations (3 credits); Course number: 41987;100% online;2/4-5/17

Bus 754-092 Information Systems in Organizations (3 credits); Course number: 43581;100% online;2/4-5/17

Bus 761-091 Human Resource Management (3 credits); Course number: 41989;100% online;2/4-5/17

Bus 771-091 Marketing Strategy (3 credits); Course number: 41991;100% online;2/4-5/17

Bus 794-091 Strategic Management (3 credits); Course number: 41996;2/4-5/17;This course is not open for registration on Titan Web.;Please email Samantha Clark at for enrollment in this course.

Elective Courses


No elective courses offered onsite in Oshkosh in the Spring 2019 semester.


Bus 793-291 Law, Regs & Ethics (1.5 credits); Course number: 41995;4/1-5/17;100% online


Bus 790-241 Organizational Leadership & Change (1.5 credits); course number: 42187;Tuesdays, 6-9:10 pm, Appleton Executive Education Center room #;First class meeting:  April 2, 2019


Bus 735-271 Financial Statement Analysis (2 credits); Course number:  41981;Consortium class – MBA 747; 4/1-5/17;100% online

Bus 758-171 Project Management (1.5 credits); Course number: 42009;Consortium class – MBA 761;2/4-3/22;100% online;Required for the project management emphasis and eligible for the marketing emphasis if paper is marketing focused.

Bus 767-171 Employee Training & Development (2 credits); Course number:  41997;Consortium class – MBA 760;2/4-3/22;100% online;Eligible for the human resource emphasis

Bus 769-171 Health Care Org & Delivery (2 credits); Course number: 41998;Consortium class – MBA 789;2/4-3/22;100% online;Eligible for the human resources and Health Care Management emphases

Bus 769-172  Corporate Venturing (1.5 credits); Course number: 41999;Consortium class – MBA 753;2/4-3/22;100% online;Eligible for the project management emphasis and eligible for marketing emphasis if project/paper is marketing related.

Bus 769-271 Health Care Finance & Economics (2 credits); Course number: 42001;Consortium class – MBA 782;4/1-5/17;100% online;Eligible for the Health Care Management emphasis

Bus 769-272 Managing Workplace Stress (1 credit); Course number: 42011;Consortium class – MBA 757;4/1-4/19;100% online

Bus 769-273 Business & Ethics (1.5 credits); Course number: 42002;Consortium class – MBA 763;4/1-5/17;100% online;Eligible for the project management, human resource, marketing and international business emphases.

Bus 774-271 Regional Trade Agreements and Multinational Corporations (1.5 credits); Course number:  41992;Consortium class – MBA 750;4/1-5/17;100% online;Eligible for the marketing and international business emphasis

Bus 777-171 Consumer Behavior (1.5 credits); Course number:  41993;Consortium class – MBA 755;2/4-3/22;100% online;Eligible for the marketing emphasis


 No MPA electives are being offered in the Spring 2019 interim. 

Spring Interim Courses (May 2019)


Bus 769-301 Conversations with CEOs (1.5 credits); course number: 42006; Sage Hall 2239; 5/20, 5/23, 5/28, 5/30, 6/3 & 6/6/19; 6 – 9:30 pm


Bus 769-372 Fundamental Methods of Forecasting (1 credit); Course number: 42003; Consortium class – MBA 754; 5/28-6/14; 100% online