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Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below to find answers to common questions we are asked. Have a question not listed below? Send an email to or call (920) 424-0631 and we’d be happy to talk!

How long will it take to complete the MBA Program or Online MBA Program?

Students complete the degree in 3.5-4 years on average and can be completed in two years if full time. This program is flexible, allowing you to set your own pace and even take semesters off. The maximum time you may take to earn the degree is 7 years. Please work with the program advisor to discuss class availability and format. 

Which classes are offered online?

The entire UWO MBA Program can be completed fully online. Classes are typically offered on rotation between the Oshkosh and Fox Cities locations and online. Students have access to a planning grid, which shows a multi-year schedule of classes and location/format. Please let us know if you would like to view the planning grid.

How much work experience is required for the MBA Program and MBA Online Program?

In general, we require two years of professional work experience or other exposure to business environments (e.g., growing up in the midst of a family business, internships) such that the applicant is likely to benefit from and participate effectively in graduate business education.

What if my undergraduate degree was not in business?

An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is required however, admission to the MBA Program is not determined by undergraduate degrees or majors. The curriculum is designed to support students from all academic backgrounds and in 2022, approximately 63% of current MBA students did not have an undergraduate degree in business. Regardless of undergraduate degree, students complete 36 credits.

How many credits will transfer from another graduate program?

Business and non-business graduate-level coursework may be reviewed for transfer credits. It’s up to the institution that the credits are transferring into to decide how many credits will transfer and which classes the transferred classes will come in as. The general rule of thumb is that only 9 credits of graduate coursework will transfer. We may be able to get a special exemption to that number if we work with the Office of Graduate Studies, but even then, it’s a 12 credit max.

How many credits should I take per semester?

The UW Oshkosh MBA Professional Program is designed to be flexible for busy professionals. Each students decides how many credits to take each semester. The number of credits you take — or the decision to take a semester off — is up to you. We’ve heard from students that 4.5 credits in spring and fall is a manageable course load for working professionals and may work better with some employers’ tuition reimbursement policies. On average, students take 3.5 credits per semester. Students typically take less over the summer. Please note, the MBA degree must be completed in 7 years.

How much time should I expect to spend on homework?

In fall of 2020, forty-six MBA student respondents indicated they spend, on average, 11.7 hours per week on coursework.

You can expect approximately 2 hours of homework for each hour in the classroom. 

What are the benefits for veterans?

We recommend you contact a member of the UWO Veterans Resource Team discuss benefits for veterans.  Please visit for more information, including contact information.

Are there internship opportunities?

Although not necessarily specific to graduate students, Handshake is an online resource for UWO students which lists jobs, internships and recruitment events.

Does UW Oshkosh provide career and professional development services?

Yes, the Career & Professional Development office provides career information, advice and occupational guidance. Student resources include resume building, interview preparation, networking events, salary negotiation and more. For more information, visit Home – Career & Professional Development University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (

Does any of my undergraduate coursework count towards my MBA?

Undergraduate business coursework may shift some requirements in the MBA program but will not reduce the total number of credits required. Please reach out to the MBA Program Adviser to review options.

How much does the program cost and when is payment due?

Please see the Tuition and Aid page for more information on determining tuition rates on the Student Financial Services website

Payment deadlines follow dates listed on the Student Financial Services website.

Is the UWO MBA program eligible for F-1 visa support?

The Professional MBA program is not eligible for F-1 visa support. A substantial number of Professional MBA courses are 100% online, therefore, it is not possible to meet F-1 enrollment requirements with this program.

We encourage you to consider the Online MBA* or other graduate programs at UW Oshkosh.

*The Online MBA is not eligible for F-1 visa support but students can enroll and complete the degree entirely from outside the United States.

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