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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions below to find answers to common questions we are asked. Have a question not listed below? Send an email to or call (800) 633-1430 and we’d be happy to talk!


Is the Executive MBA Program available in the online format?

The Executive MBA Program is only in the in-person format on Saturdays or Fridays/Saturdays.

What classes will post to my transcript?

33 credits will post to your transcript over the course of the program.

Contact for details.

Is this a pass/fail program or are there grades?

No, it is not a pass/fail program.

There are grades issued for each course based on the number of points that you earned.

Can I miss a class?

Yes, missing a few classes throughout the program is expected. We understand students have personal and professional commitments that sometimes occur on the weekends. Most students prefer not to miss too many classes but when it is required, that’s when mini-executive teams come in handy. Your team members will be able to share their class notes with you, let you know about anything you’ve missed or that may be due the following week, and can assist you in understanding the classroom materials.

Is the international study tour required?

Yes, it is an important learning experience that the cohort engages in together.

The international study tour spans two countries and typically has 4 business visits in each country as well as cultural experiences.

Are there internship opportunities?

Internships are rare at the graduate level. The majority of our students work full-time while earning the degree, so there isn’t a need to develop a formal internship program for our students. Our students are eligible to work with the UWO Career Services department to explore internships and/or job prospects.

Why does the Executive MBA Program cost more than the MBA Professional program?

The tuition for the Executive MBA Program is competitively priced compared to other Executive offerings, while providing exceptional value for participants and Wisconsin organizations.

The cost was set after extensive research was done by the UW Oshkosh MBA Office with close collaboration of almost 500 executives in Northeast and North Central Wisconsin.

Admission FAQs


How much work experience is required for the MBA Executive program?

Individuals must have a demonstrated ability to contribute to the cohort 

What if my undergraduate major was not in business?

Admission to the MBA program is not determined by undergraduate major(s). Many of our MBA students do not have an undergraduate business degrees.

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