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Data Analytics

Nine Month Completion


Cohort Learning Environment

Deepen Your Analytics Knowledge and Skills

Employers today need critical thinkers who can assess and analyze large amounts of changing data.

Students in this graduate-level certificate program learn how to analyze data sets using a variety of traditional and emerging analysis models, from traditional statistical methods to new machine learning models.

In just nine months students explore and learn about the most important strategies, tactics and methods of analyzing data.

*Applications for the Data Analytics cohort are paused at this time. Please reach out to for additional information.

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Connect with M. Ryan Haley, Ph.D., Data Analytics Director, at an upcoming virtual information session. Learn more about the program, intended audience, learning objectives and more during this virtual event.

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Properly conduct common statistical analyses of data from a range of domains​ through the gold standard CRISP-DM process​
  • Use readily available business tools to analyze data for decision making​​
  • Pre-process data (i.e., gather, store, extract, clean, and organize) ​
  • Use visualization techniques to communicate data insights to decision makers​​
  • Choose and effectively apply appropriate models for predictive / prescriptive settings​
  • Deploy analysis results in persuasive formats accessible to less technical colleagues, including: reports, dashboards, presentations, spreadsheets, and web-based apps.​
  • Evaluate risks, ethics, and privacy considerations of analytics​
  • Build a foundation in the science and art of analytics for future learning​

As part of the final capstone course, students will apply their knowledge to a real world challenge, either from their own work or as assigned by their dedicated faculty partner!


Intended Audience

​You may be a good candidate for our program if you…​​

  • want to help your organization become more data and analysis-driven in its decision-making​
  • believe there must be a better way to analyze and deploy information throughout your organization beyond Excel spreadsheets
  • are passionate about analyzing data to find deeper meaning​​
  • collaborate with in-house data scientists​ / business intelligence analysts / data base managers/ business analysts, or are one yourself
  • need to evaluate the data analysis performed by others​
  • interface with data and analytic consultants / vendors​
  • want to keep your data skills current and marketable​
  • seek efficient learning in a supportive, structured learning environment

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