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Academic Programs Office
Sage Hall, Suite 1608
(920) 424-0297

Office of the Dean
Sage Hall, Suite 2612
(920) 424-1444

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:45am–4:30pm


Student Life

What is it like being an IS Student at UW Oshkosh?

In Class

Like any good system developer, IS students have resources both inside and outside of the classroom to help their growth and development as an Information Systems student. The main resource to IS students are the easy access to computer labs within Sage Hall. IS students are given access to the IS classroom lab (Sage 2335) and media lab (Sage 2439). Students can come to complete projects, collaborate with classmates and develop their skills on free software provided by the University.

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Outside the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, in order to develop professional skills, the IS Club offers speakers, field trips and networking opportunities.

The IS club is the bridge between the classroom and student life where students can network with like-minded students, professionals and faculty. The IS club meets on a bi-weekly basis. Typically, a representative from a local company will come in and present on various topics related to the Information Systems field. Afterward, you have a chance to connect, network and possibly earn an internship! The IS club also plans trip to various companies and organizations for tours.












Student Profile

Name: Sarah Lamers
Year: Junior

What makes the IS program in the College of Business at UWO unique?
The IS program is unique in that you learn about a lot of different areas in Information Technology. A lot of people think IS is all about programming – but that’s a false assumption. A lot of the analytic skills that you pick up are transferable to different career paths. There are quite a few internships in the area so while you can opt to travel farther, you should not need to. The IS department also has a computer lab dedicated to its students which is great – you’re provided with all the software you’ll need and a great study area!

What are classes like?
Some classes are lecture based while others are hands on. You can expect a lot of group work also. There are a few programming classes, but analysis, network communications and project management are some other classes you’ll have. The programming isn’t too intense either, and it’s also the type of programming that you’ll most likely see in your job down the road – business applications and such, rather than algorithm based (although I would recommend a computer science course in algorithms if you have the time!)

The curriculum is changing in a way that you can opt for more or less programming classes! I prefer the programming side so I am glad to see some additional classes offered, but for the students that don’t consider the major due to programming – you can go the other route!

Classes tend to be on the smaller side, so it’s really nice to ask questions during class or a professor’s office hours.

What is your schedule like beyond the classroom?
Beyond the classroom, I’m a member of the IS club, a social media ambassador for the Admissions Office on campus, a College of Business Ambassador and a Software Engineer Intern (off campus).