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Student Organizations

What is it like being an HR Student at UW Oshkosh?

In Class

MHR students engage in a variety of individual and team activities in the classroom.  Much of the learning is application-based.  For example, students in the employee relations course negotiate a contract, students in the compensation course build and organization’s pay structure, and students in the training and development course design a training program.  Classrooms allow for team activities, large, and small group discussions.  The computer lab within Sage Hall is easy to access and contains a full menu of software programs used by the MHR students including PeopleTrak, software used by many companies to plan and track their human resources. Students can complete projects, collaborate with classmates and develop their skills using free software provided by the University and convenient break-out rooms for team meetings located in Sage Hall.

Outside the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, in order to develop professional skills, the MHR student clubs offer speakers, field trips and networking opportunities.


Society for Resource Management (SHRM)

 UWO SHRM is the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s student chapter of the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is the world’s largest association dedicated to Human Resources Management with over 170,000 professional members and 55,000 student members. We are proud to be affiliated with SHRM and sponsored by the local Fox Valley and Oshkosh Area Chapters of SHRM.


International Business Club

The International Business Club is a partnership of students, faculty and practitioners committed to promoting awareness of business globalization and facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and expertise needed to excel as professionals in the global marketplace. The main goals of the club are acquiring global awareness, establishing professional connections, and differentiating future leaders, we accomplish this by having guest speakers, workshops, and cultural entertainment that is organized each year.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization

C.E.O. strives to give students the knowledge, resources, and confidence to start their own businesses by providing students with guest speakers, networking events, and giving students the opportunity to participate in hands-on entrepreneurial events. C.E.O provides the opportunity for students to learn about and get involved in all of the aspects of entrepreneurship. Members will learn from veteran entrepreneurs and their first-hand experiences about the benefits of entrepreneurship. The club regularly holds bi-weekly guest speaker events for its members and guests on Wednesday evenings.