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Management and Human Resources Certificates

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate | 9 credits

Today every business needs to be innovative to compete and they seek employees who know something about innovation and entrepreneurship. This certificate provides students with an insight into how to successfully start new business ventures, and create innovation and growth in existing businesses with entrepreneurial thinking. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation complements any major program at the university by providing a pathway to pursue the study of entrepreneurship and innovation in a cross-disciplinary approach - empowering students to think innovatively in their pursuit of knowledge.

Human Resource Management Certificate | 12 credits

Every future manager should know something about how to manage and motivate people. With this certificate, students can develop and advance their knowledge/skills in the following critical human resource disciplines: staffing and planning, training and development, compensation and benefits, occupational safety and health, and employee relations. This will not only help students who want to effectively manage diverse groups of people in a variety of different organizations (e.g., businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions) but it will also help any future employee to better understand the legal aspects of employment and employee relations, the changing dynamics of the workforce, as well as the theories, policies and best practices underlying modern HR Management.  

International Business Certificate | 9 credits

This International Business Certificate gives you knowledge and experience working with business functions in various parts of the world. The courses focus on working with different cultures and regulations of international business. This includes classes like global marketing and international finance. You may also be required to complete a course in another country.


*Not Open to Global Business minors.