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Closed Class and First Day Drop Policy

College of Business

Closed Class and First Day Drop Policy

After all sections of a course reach capacity (including interim sections), a waitlist option will become available on TitanWeb.

  • Students can select up to 11 credits of waitlist classes through TitanWeb. This is including all university courses. Credits can be divided by signing up for multiple sections of the same course or all different courses.
  • The waitlist does not guarantee any student a spot in a course. The College of Business uses waitlists to determine course demands.
  • Waitlists are not first come first serve. Students will see a wait list number in their TitanWeb for courses they have added themselves to. However, the College of Business departments reserve the right to select students from the waitlist based on factors such as graduation date.
  • The waitlist option will be removed from TitanWeb on the 10th week of the semester to allow department chairs time to review students and select who is able to be added to the course. At that time, courses will remain closed and on department consent. Selections for enrollment will be determined by the Monday of the 12th week of the semester. The College of Business will enroll all students selected from the waitlists at that time.
  • Classes will be taken off of department consent on the Tuesday of the 12th week. At this time, enrollment will resume as normal on a first come, first serve basis. Waitlists will not be created again.

According to the College of Business First Day Drop Policy:

Students have the opportunity to add a course on the first day of class. Students wishing to add a course can go to the first day of classof their desired section and check in with the instructor. If space allows and the instructor consents, students may be added at that time. Students who do not attend the first day of class are automatically dropped and students who attend the first day of class are given these seats.

Code of Conduct

College of Business Student Code of Conduct

We, the students of the College of Business Administration, continue our efforts to be a more supportive and effective college by offering ethical guidelines to support our successes. As students, we encourage each other to REACH.

Raise the Bar

Attain high levels of excellence in all activities
Stretch the limits of your learning experience
“Take the road less traveled”


Be an active scholar
Be an active participant in all endeavors (e.g., in the class room, in clubs, groups, etc.)
Contribute by doing service and taking on leadership roles when needed


Support the mission and vision of the College and the University
Be constructive (e.g., identify a problem and provide a possible solution)
Take initiative and responsibility for your education
Understand that learning is a life-long endeavor


Be courteous
Help others when needed
Be respectful of the rights and opinions of others
Be prompt; Arrive to class and meetings on time; Respond to requests within a reasonable amount of time
Be prepared for class and meetings
Respect the property of others
Seek help with problems


Be honest
Work to strengthen ethical conduct
Conduct oneself with the highest degree of ethical behavior

Each student is a member of the college and University communities. Our actions must reflect the ideals and values of these communities.


Student Complaint and Appeal Policy

Student Complaint and Appeal Policy

Article 1:                     Introduction

This policy concerns both complaints and appeals.

(1) Complaints related to the actions of any COB faculty or staff member.

(2) Appeals related to College policies with regard to academic issues.

Article 2:                     Process

Most student complaints should be handled in a discussion between the student and the instructor.  Should such a meeting prove unsuccessful in resolving the problem, the following procedure is available.  Generally, it is not possible to appeal grades which are based on the judgment of the faculty member (e.g., grades on papers, etc.).  However, grades may be appealed if the grade assigned was a mistake, or inconsistent with the syllabus.

Generally, whenever a complaint is received, the party that receives the complaint will direct the student to the start of the process outlined below.  An exception to the process can be made if the complaint is egregious.

2.01        Should discussions with the instructor prove unsuccessful, students are encouraged to bring the issue to the Department Chair and/or Undergraduate or Graduate Programs Director/Assistant Dean.

2.02        Upon receipt of a complaint, the Department Chair and/or Program Director/Assistant Dean will informally interview the student to determine if the complaint can be resolved by further discussion between the instructor and student.  If further discussion is warranted, this discussion must occur before proceeding with the formal complaint process.  The student shall be provided with a copy of these procedures at the initial interview.

2.03        Should the student report that further discussion between the instructor and student has not resulted in a satisfactory resolution; the Department Chair and/or Program Director/Assistant Dean will seek to determine the factual basis of the complaint and to mediate a solution.

2.04        The Department Chair and Program Director/Assistant Dean should work collaboratively to mediate a solution.

2.05        If, within 15 working days of the student’s report, the mediation attempts have not resulted in a satisfactory resolution, the Department Chair or Program Director/Assistant Dean shall write to the student indicating that if the complaint is to be pursued, a formal written complaint must be submitted within 10 working days.  This written complaint should be specific, and include the outcome desired by the student.  The complaint should be addressed to the Dean of the College of Business.  The Appeals Committee is assigned the responsibility of hearing such complaints. It is composed of the Department Chairs and a student appointed by the College of Business Student Advisory Council.  Unless granted an extension, any complaint which is not submitted by the due date will be dropped and no further action will be taken.

2.06        Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Dean will forward a copy to the instructor, requesting a written response within 10 working days after receipt of the complaint (extensions may be granted).

2.07        Within 20 working days after the due date for the instructor’s reply, the Appeals Committee will evaluate the evidence.  Both the instructor and the student may request to appear before the committee to answer questions or provide greater detail (when appearing before the committee, the student and the instructor are entitled to the presence of an observer, but the observer will have no input in this meeting).  The Appeals Committee shall make a decision (e.g., change grades) and inform the instructor and the student in writing.

2.08        Should either the student or the instructor find the Appeals Committee’s decision unacceptable, a written appeal may be filed (along with the copies of all prior actions) within 10 working days from receipt of notification of the Appeal Committee’s decision with the Dean of the College of Business.  The Dean shall resolve the complaint within 10 working days of receipt of the appeal and notify all parties in writing. This resolution cannot be appealed.

Article 3:                     Appeals

3.01        Students may appeal any academic policy.  An academic policy includes, but is not limited to: late dropping of courses, substitutions in curriculum, prerequisite exceptions, and academic suspensions.

3.02        An appeal request must be submitted via the online appeals form (see faculty advisor, academic advisor or College of Business staff in Sage 1608 for information on how to complete the online appeal).  The request must include proper documentation and a clear explanation of the situation.

3.03        The College of Business reserves the right to accept, deny or modify any appeal request.  Appeals are reviewed on a continual basis and generally decisions are made within 10 working days.  A copy of the decision will be sent to the student’s official UW Oshkosh email address.