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CAPP opportunities through the College of Business (COB) give teachers the opportunity to develop professionally while delivering rigorous business curriculum to students interested in earning concurrent high school and college credit. COB offers paths and assistance to meet HLC, AASCB, and College requirements necessary to teach CAPP courses with the curricular and scholarship options listed below. 

For more information on the CAPP Program, becoming an instructor, benefits and more, visit Adjuncts/Teachers – Cooperative Academic Partnership Program University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (

If you find through the process above that you need to take further classes to become HLC or AASCB compliant, and plan to teach CAPP courses through the College of Business, we have the following curricular and scholarship options.


List of College of Business courses/additional requirements

Options for individuals without a master's degree

1. Earn an MBA
2. Earn an MSE + 18 College of Business graduate credits (self-directed credits or Business Educator’s Certificate – see details below)

Options for individuals with a master's degree
1. Complete the Business Educator’s Certificate (see details below)
2. Take 18 self-directed College of Business graduate credits (contact your CAPP liaison for suggestions)
Business Educator's Certificate

18 credits total 

Complete all these courses (9 cr):  

  • BUS 791: Strategic Context of the Organization, 3 cr
  • BUS 700: Financial Reporting for Executives, 1.5 cr
  • BUS 712: Data-Driven Decision Making, 1.5 cr
  • ECON 704: Managerial Economics, 1.5 cr
  • BUS 798: Business Communications, 1.5 cr  

Choose at least nine credits from the following list:

  • BUS 731: Financial Management (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: BUS 700, 791, 798
  • BUS 741: Operations & Process Management (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: BUS 712, 791, and 798
  • BUS 752: Cost Management (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: BUS 700, 791, 798
  • BUS 754: Information Systems in Organizations (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: BUS 791
  • BUS 761: Human Resource Management (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: BUS 791
  • BUS 771: Marketing Strategy (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: BUS 791
  • BUS 794: Strategic Management (3 cr.)
    • Prerequisites: Bus 700, 712, 791, 798, and Econ 704
  • ECON 637: Economic Education Workshop (1-3 cr.) (self-paced, online course)
  • ECON 757: Special Topics in Economic Education (1-3 cr.)

Admission/Class Registration

Complete UW System Application

If you plan to take COB graduate courses to complete the CAPP academic requirements, complete the following steps –

Select course(s) for upcoming semester

  • Request a list of available courses from
  • Send requests for registration to (the College of Business Graduate Office staff will need to enroll you in courses each semester)

Apply for COB CAPP Instructor Scholarship


College of Business CAPP Ambassador

Wendy Potratz

CAPP Ambassador, College of Business, Accounting

Wendy Potratz

Promoting the importance of education and lifelong learning has been a passion of mine throughout my 30+ years of teaching in higher education and even before that! As a participant in the CAPP program way back when I was in high school and then through my own children as they took several classes in CAPP to help them to earn credit for college, I have experienced the benefits of this program in providing a strong educational base, improving learning skills, and building the self-confidence that is an essential part of reaching our educational goals.

I am currently a full-time member of the Accounting Department at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and teach courses on financial, government and not-for-profit accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I hold a number of professional certifications including CPA, CMA and CGFM. I enjoy working with students through our professional organizations and serve as the Faculty Advisor to the UWO Accounting Club and Beta Alpha Psi. As a member of Wisconsin Institute of CPAs Educational Foundation, I have presented at that organization’s WICPA High School Instructors Symposium held in Madison Wisconsin annually each November. In 2016, I received the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs Educator Award for my work in higher education.

Research has shown that students who discover academic interests in high school and college are better prepared for satisfying careers. Through my position as a CAPP Ambassador, I plan to work with our CAPP support team to continue the great work done within this program and to move forward with new creative opportunities designed to increase interest in and access to higher education for our Wisconsin high school students.