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Insurance & Risk Management

Think you know what an insurance career is really like?

Many still believe that a career in insurance means a career in sales - this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Certainly, there are careers for the entrepreneurial minded, but there are also many other great careers with insurance carriers. Insurance is a relationship-based business, and this is true for all roles from actuary to underwriter. The insurance carriers of Wisconsin are dealing with an aging workforce and are looking for upcoming new talent. As more and more retire, many great roles are opening up for graduates. 

The Insurance & Risk Management Program was created to address the skills gap between those who don’t understand the business of insurance and yet would like a solid career in this considerably stable industry. The program officially began with 12 students in 2009, and today more than 70 UW Oshkosh students are involved in the program. Through this program, insurance students learn the fundamentals of insurance and get an overview of insurance company operations as well as P&C insurance products. Numerous scholarships are available for students to explore the industry and associated career options. Students also become well-connected to regional insurance company partners through company visits, career fairs, and other networking opportunities. In addition, every student is able to benefit from company internship opportunities to receive the hands-on experience needed to be successful after graduation.

Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS)

GIS Meetings Spring 2017

Students are encouraged to join Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), the internationally recognized collegiate fraternity for insurance, risk management, and actuarial science. Dues for active student members are sponsored by the Insurance & Risk Management advisory members. Through GIS, additional scholarship, conference and networking opportunities are available.

Partnering with Regional Insurance Carriers

This program would not be possible without the guidance and financial support of our Insurance & Risk Management Advisory Partnership:

Student visits to these partners occur on a rotating basis; company presentations demonstrate the myriad of career opportunities available in insurance, both as full time careers and as part time internships for students to try various roles.

The bottom line—we are supplying a steady stream of highly-proficient graduates to an industry in great need of such talent. 

The Insurance & Risk Management Program also provides educational outreach and continuing education opportunities to the local community and the insurance industry.

Two Minors, one Emphasis

Any of the following options will help the student become well-versed in the language of insurance, which comes in very handy during interviews!

Minor in Insurance & Risk Management (21 credits) 

    • Principles of Insurance & Risk Management
    • Personal Finance & Risk Management 
    • Commercial Insurance 
    • Advanced Risk Management 
    • Plus 9 Elective Credits 

Minor in Risk Management & Actuarial Science (21 credits) 

  • Principles of Insurance & Risk Management
  • Advanced Risk Management 
  • Financial Mathematics 
  • Probability 
  • Linear Models 
  • Plus 6 Additional Credits from: Stochastic Processes, Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, etc. 

Insurance Emphasis (9 credits)

  • Principles of Insurance & Risk Management
  • Commercial Insurance 
  • Advanced Risk Management 

For additional information, please contact us:

  • Dr. Scott Beyer, Executive Director, Insurance & Risk Management Program
  • Kate Manthey, Director of the Insurance & Risk Management Program