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Student Spotlights

Peter Emenecker ’94

Managing Director, Centracore, LLC.
MBA–Professional Alumnus

 Career impact
“It allowed me to have a greater understanding of the different functional areas in business (sales, operations, and finance) and a greater confidence in leading in those areas.”

Career achievement
“My noteworthy achievement would be all the people I have had the pleasure to work with during my career. They have helped me build businesses and continue to grow as a person.”

Fun or interesting fact
“I have five kids and two black belts.”

Favorite professor
“Steve Dunn wasn’t there yet, so I’ll have to go with Dale Feinauer. Dale was always current and made learning enjoyable. I appreciate his passion for education and helping companies be more successful.”

Professional advice
“In order to be your best, you must continue to look for ways to learn more, whether it is reading, classes, seminars, etc.  You must always ‘sharpen the stone’ and bring your best each and every day.”


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