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Student Spotlights

Nanette (Nan) Saduske ’19

Chief Compliance Officer, United Healthcare
MBA–Professional Alumna

Career impact
“The MBA has enhanced my ability to better understand the rationale and impact of business decisions. I am also able to identify where I can add the most value toward achieving enterprise goals and developing organizational strategy. Additionally, I had the opportunity to gain different perspectives by networking with professionals outside my industry.”

Career achievement
“One of the accomplishments that I feel most proud of is leaving a position that was comfortable to join a new part of the organization doing something completely different. Although it was challenging, this move made me realize that I grow the most when I stay a little bit uncomfortable because it forces me to keep learning and take chances.”

Fun or interesting fact
“I love to travel and have been to more than 15 different countries.”

Favorite professor
“My favorite professor was Anna Filipova, Ph.D. who used a variety of teaching methods to keep it interesting and relevant. I also enjoyed the rich classroom discussions among professionals with diverse backgrounds.”

Professional advice
“Early on in my career, I had a leader who told me, ‘When you have a decision to make, make it and if you make the wrong decision, learn from it and move on.’ This has proven to be valuable advice throughout my career.”


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