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Student Spotlights

Eric V. Maloney ’02 and MBA ’07

Senior Solutions Architect, Concentrix
MBA–Professional Alumnus

 Career impact
“Taking it while in my professional career allowed me to gain a practical application of the concepts. By doing so early in my career it has allowed me to become a thought leader in my field and open my mind to new ideas..”

Career achievement
“Most recently helped lead a team to complete a multiyear, $200 million+ contract renewal for our services.”

Fun or interesting fact
“I am an Eagle Scout”

Favorite professor
“Bryan Lilly–I’ve had the pleasure of working with him post my degree and he has afforded me some opportunities to work with the students that have been very enriching for me.”

Professional advice
“ABL–Always Be Learning. The world changes at a rapid pace and we always need to be consuming more information. Also, ask yourself what is most important in your life…traveling and advancement..or seeing your little ones grow up and being a part of their lives?”