The presentations at Reeve Union on April 25 included

Connor Jensen, Chemistry (Dr. Nenad Stojilovic, Physics)
Physical and structural properties of electrospun Zinc Oxide and Titania nanofibers

Ellison Nabi, Chemistry and Environmental Health (Dr. Sabrina Mueller-Spitz, Biology and Dr. Kevin Crawford, Chemistry) Understanding the Degradative Potential of Mycolicibacterium sp. RJGII-135

Daisy Wilson, Biology and Psychology (Dr. Brant Kedrowski, Chemistry)
Green Chemistry in Novel Organic Chemistry Reactions

Dominik Dempsey, Ben Croft, Paige Schmallenberg, Biomedical sciences, Dole Nguyen, Chemistry (Dr. Sheri Lense, Chemistry)
Design of Heptadentate Ligands for Selective Coordination of Mn(II)

Kylee Moore, Biomedical Science (Dr. Lauren Waters, Chemistry)
Characterization of Mutations in the Small Protein MntS and the Manganese Exporter MntP in Escherichia coli