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Seminar Schedule Fall 2018

Schedule of student and outside speakers for the semester.

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Most seminars will be presented in HS 175 on Fridays at 1:50 - 2:50 PM

Date Presenter Title
9/7 490/491 Organizational Meeting
9/14 490 student meeting
9/21 Mr. Richard Marshall
UW Oshkosh Career & Professional Development
Career planning and preparation
9/28 Dr. Jonathan Gutow
UW Oshkosh
Computational predictions of ionization potentials for organic molecules
10/5 Gage Kerscher
UW Oshkosh
Drug Delivery Systems
10/12 Ilenia Escamilla
UW Oshkosh
The Role of C-Reactive Protein in Various Health Conditions
10/19 Andrew Rowley
UW Oshkosh
Discovering Inexpensive, Effective Catalysts for Solar Energy Conversion
special seminar
3 pm 10/19
Dr. Kenneth Mauritz
Professor Emeritus, School of Polymers and High Performance Materials,
University of Southern Mississippi
Relaxation Spectroscopy of Multiphase Polymers:
Selected Examples
10/26 Travis Stoeger
UW Oshkosh
Fourth Generation Biofuel Production: Expression and truncation of beta-pinene synthase gene in Synechococcus PCC 7002
11/2 Victoria Gaweda
UW Oshkosh
The Active State Structure of the Kappa Opioid Receptor: A Possible New Target for Opioids Without the Risk of Addiction
11/9 Kameron Fiedler
UW Oshkosh
Investigation of a Synthetic Pathway for Producing Amino Acids
11/16 Luke Gallagher
UW Oshkosh
Graphene and the Study of Two Dimensional Materials
11/23 Thanksgiving Break No Seminar Meeting
11/30 Dr. Lauren Waters
UW Oshkosh
Metal Homeostasis in Bacteria: the Role of Small Proteins and Transporters in Manganese Metabolism
12/7 Aaron Harvey
UW Oshkosh
Synthesis of a Non-Natural Amino Acid
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