Brant Kedrowski, PhD

Organic Chemistry

Courses Taught, Spring 2024:
CHEM 106, General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 234, Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 235, Organic Chemistry I Lecture
CHEM 446, Independent Study
CHEM 474, Honors Thesis

Research Interests:
My research is focused on organic chemical synthesis.  Recent projects include:
Synthesizing non-natural alpha-amino acids, including 2-methylcysteine, using an enzyme to set the molecule’s stereochemistry.
Chemically modifying waste polystyrene to upcycle it into higher value materials.
Controlled synthesis of polyethylene terephthalate oligomers with specific numbers of repeating units for use in plastic biodegradation research.
Development of a greener Friedel-Crafts acylation experiment for undergraduate organic chemistry labs.

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