Christopher Rabe [class of ’23] has accepted an offer to be a Forensic Scientist at the North Dakota State Crime Lab.

Beyann Alzoubi [class of ’18] graduated with an MD from the UW Madison School of Medicine.

Erica Vander Mause, PhD [class of ’15] is first author on a paper in Science Translational Medicine, “Systematic single amino acid affinity tuning of CD229 CAR T cells retains efficacy against multiple myeloma and eliminates on-target off-tumor toxicity”. She is currently an immune cell engineering Scientist at Caribou Biosciences in Berkeley, California.

Sarah Schettle [class of ’08] received the Recognition of Outstanding Contribution award from the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences’ Alumni Association, given to those who have made exceptional contributions in clinical care, research, mentoring and education, or humanitarian endeavors.