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Alumni News

Spring 2019 Graduates




Beyann Alzoubi will be starting the MD program at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in August.

Zac Chambers has accepted a position as Associate Production Scientist at Millipore Sigma.

Lyndsey Murphy will be a Quality and Food Safety Specialist at Sargento.

Meg Duffield '18 will be attending A.T. Still University of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri.

Fall 2018

Fall 18 Chemistry Graduates

Chemistry seniors who presented seminars this semester.

Kameron Fiedler has accepted a job at Millipore Sigma, and Andy Rowley has accepted a job at PPD.

Amanda Leichtfuss '17 is now the analytical lab supervisor at Advanced Plating Technologies.

Spring 2018

Erica Vander Mause received a Rutledge Memorial Scholarship to support her graduate work, researching cancer treatments in Dr. Carol Lim's laboratory in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Utah.

Christopher Aretz '12 received his PhD at the University of Denver and is now a post-doctoral scholar in the Hopkins lab at the University of Nebraska Medical Campus.

Kelly Genskow '13 has joined the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and is serving in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Read more at UW Oshkosh Today:


Spring 18 graduation

Hannah Cole, Andres Michalkiewicz, Meg Duffield, Jacob Dewhurst, Samantha Nixon, Alyssa Amrhein, Nathan Witman at graduation.  Hannah is working at Encapsys. 

Several graduates will be continuing their education in the fall: Claire Boelke '17 in the PhD program at Oregon State's Department of Chemistry; Nicholas Horswill '17 in the MD program at UW Madison; Destinee Morris in the School of Pharmacy at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Sara Arafeh '16 defended her master's thesis "NADPH-Cytochrome P450 Oxidoreductase: Extraction of the Full-Length Protein and Methyl-TROSY NMR of the Soluble Mutants" at Marquette University.

Ed Haedt '84, VP of Business Development at Bemis, shared stories about his undergraduate experience with students in a Quest II course (Introduction to Chemistry of Materials), and described some of the Bemis packaging he has helped to develop.

Dale Skaer was on campus for a career fair, talking to faculty and students about career opportunities at Millipore Sigma.

Jim Edwards '87 visited campus to speak to first year students in Quest II courses.  He is currently VP of Product Management at Indigo BioAutomation.

Chris Turoski '94, now a Professor of Law and Director of Patent Programs at University of Minnesota, gave a department seminar on career opportunities in intellectual property.

Fall 2017

Fall 17 seminar speakers

Brianna Fox, Chelsee Ford, Holly Post, Hannah Cole, Maulika Patel, Claire Boelke, and Destinee Morris have completed ACS-certified degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Nathan Peplinski '13 dropped in for the last seminar of the semester.  He is a Scientist at Thermo Fisher in Milwaukee, synthesizing phosphoramidites.

Miguel Baldomero '14 works at BACHEM in California.

Sean Boulanger received the OHSU Department of Radiation Medicine and OSU College of Engineering, School of Nuclear Science & Engineering Scholar Award from the ARCS Foundation Oregon chapter. He has begun doing research in Dr. Chong Fang's laboratory, and is currently investigating the protein matrix in the green fluorescent protein chromophore through femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy (FSRS) techniques that offer “real-time structural snapshots of molecules in motion.”

Heather Adams '04 received her PhD in Chemistry from UW Milwaukee.

Graduation May 2017


13 students finished their chemistry degrees.

Four are going to PhD programs: Sean Boulanger, Oregon State Chemistry; Amanda Leichtfuss, UW Milwaukee Chemistry; Marissa Munoz, UW Madison Pharmaceutical Sciences; Katherine Senn, UW Madison Biochemistry.

Jake Frederick joined the Stains & Dyes group at Millipore Sigma.  Erica Kirinovic is a chemist at INX International Ink Co. Nathan VanDinter is a Product Development Lab Technical Specialist at Georgia Pacific's Innovation Institute in Neenah.

Spring 2017

alumni seminar

Alumni Jacob Baus, Andrew Loken, and Trevor Sires visited the department
in February to tell seminar students about "Chemistry in the Real World."
Jake works at Benz Oil in Milwaukee; Andy works at Schreiber Foods in Green Bay;
and Trevor works at Millipore Sigma [Aldrich] in Sheboygan.

Dale Skaer '07 also works at Millipore, as a Manufacturing Supervisor in the Stains & Dyes production group.  He is currently in Milwaukee but is looking forward to moving to a new facility which is being built in Sheboygan Falls.

December 2016


Lia Inghram, Alexis Vandehey, Jessica McGowan, and Barbara Bass graduated with ACS certified degrees.

Fall 2016

Kelly Prochaska '16 is working at SGS-IPS Testing.

Graduation May 2016

Spring 2016 Graduates

This semester's graduates at the last seminar of the year.

Several graduates are going on to Chemistry PhD programs: Ross Denholm and Thomas Kuborn will be at UW Madison, Yuqi She will be at Marquette, and Josh Hill will be at University of Wyoming. Adam Kositzke will be in UW Madison's Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program.

Griffin Budde and Danielle Kraak are going to Pharmacy School. Kyle Dobson is pursuing an MS in Forensic Toxicology at Thomas Jefferson University.

Jen Schmitz is a Research Associate on the "the Next Generation Sequencing" team at Invenra, Inc in Madison.

Spring 2016

Heather Barkholtz has earned her PhD from Northern Illinois University, and is moving to a postdoctoral position at Sandia National Laboratory, where she will be performing fundamental R&D on the safety and reliability of lithium ion batteries for grid-level energy storage.

Kevin Koerber will be going to UW Milwaukee in the fall for their PhD program in Chemistry.

Sarah Arafeh will be going to Marquette for a PhD in Chemistry.

Kosy Phimmasene is working with Bruce Bodoh at Millipore Sigma in Sheboygan.

Peter Christensen is preparing to defend his PhD thesis at the University of British Columbia.  He will be moving to California for a postdoctoral position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Jacob Porter '12, who is pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry at Marquette, returned to campus to give a seminar on his research.

Liz Dillinger '15 is in the Mayo Clinic's graduate program.  She just joined the research lab of Dr. Peter Harris.

Brandon Brummeyer '15 was accepted by UW Madison's MD program.

December 2015 graduation

Fall 2015 graduation

Fall 2015

Michael Patt '15 was accepted for the fall '16 class at Midwestern University's Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Erica Vander Mause '15 is in the Biological Chemistry graduate program at the University of Utah.

Presley Neuman '15 is in the Interdisciplinary Program in Biochemistry at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Summer 2015

Brooke Koshel '06 recently took a new job as a Senior Scientist in the Biopharmaceutical Business unit at Waters Corporation in the Boston Area.  Brooke previously worked for Lancaster Labs at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis after earning her PhD from Purdue in 2012.

Spring 2015

December '14 graduate Adrian Landreth has selected the University of Michigan for a PhD program in Chemical Biology.

Brendan Tompkins '05 will be leaving Colorado State, where he earned a PhD and also did a post-doc, to run a surface analysis lab at BD Technologies in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Kelly Genskow '13 visited campus to give a presentation to the University Honors Program.  She is finishing a master's in public health at Emory University and preparing for a Peace Corps assignment to Botswana.  More details about her visit are in UW Oshkosh Today.

Graduation December 2014

11 chemistry majors graduated this month.

graduates Dec14

graduates Fall14


Fall 2014

Andrew Loken '09 works in R&D for Schreiber Foods.  Although he is officially assigned to their Green Bay location, in the past year he has traveled to Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, and Bulgaria!

Thomas Zoch ’79 has been selected for the 2014 Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award.  Dr. Zoch, who double-majored in Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry emphasis, is a physician in the Fox Valley.

Gateway Technical College selected math and science instructor Michael DuPrey '02 for a 2014 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award for excellence in the classroom. 

Graduation Spring 2014

23 students graduated with chemistry majors!

Chem grads and faculty

Samuel Kougias will be starting a PhD program in organic chemistry at UW Madison.

Rilee Zeinert will be in the cell and molecular biology PhD program at U Massachusetts Amherst.

Marissa Buzzanca and Bradford Richardson are going to pharmacy school.

Carly Salter is going to Saint Louis for medical school.

Kelsey Paltzer will be a senior research technician at Neenah Paper's mill in Musining, MI.

Jesse Klein will be a research scientist at Appvion Inc. in Appleton, WI.

Carissa Adams will work for PPG in Oak Creek, WI.

Hannah Schoechert is a quality control technician at Hillestad Pharmaceuticals in Minocqua.

Fall 2013

Matt Dodge '03 and Bart Dahl '01 came back to give Department Seminars. Both are organic chemists; Matt is teaching at Marquette U. and Bart is an assistant professor at UW Eau Claire.

Mike Garvey received his PhD from UW Milwaukee.

Graduation 2013

Two of our graduates are heading to Atlanta.  Kelly Genskow will be at Emory University, working on a Master of Public Health degree in the Department of Environmental Health.  Gorman Stock will pursue a PhD in Chemistry at Dr. Crawford's alma mater, Georgia Tech.

Alex Treleven will be in a PhD program at Marquette, specializing in organic chemistry.

Michael Hainstock will be working at Virent in Madison.

Mai Yang will attend Concordia University Wisconsin's School of Pharmacy.

Sarah Kieper Garvey finished her dissertation "Anion Effects in the Extraction of Metal Ions into Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids" and received her PhD from UW Milwaukee.  She is teaching classes at UW Milwaukee and Marquette.

Spring 2013

Pete Christensen has published a paper on his PhD research in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Chris Aretz '12 is almost finished with qualifying exams at the University of Denver.  He has joined Dr. Brian Cowen's synthetic organic chemistry research group.

December 2012

Briana Miller and Dan Schlenz completed their studies at UW Oshkosh.  Briana will go to pharmacy school, and Dan is working as an analytical chemist in Neenah.

Paul Flynn has recently moved to California to become the Central and West US Business Development Manager for Regis Technologies.

Summer 2012

Brooke Koshel '06 defended her PhD thesis at Purdue.

Graduation 2012

graduation S12

new graduates: Logan Osborn, Stefanie Bell, Nicholas Newcomer, Becky Kauer, Chris Aretz and Mathew Kumbier

Stefanie Bell has already started working at PPD. In the fall Logan Osborn will attend pharmacy school in Illinois; Mathew Kumbier will start a Chemistry PhD program at the University of Nebraska; and Paige Anunson will start an internship at Kimberly-Clark.

Spring 2012

Lucas Esser is working at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) in Middleton, WI.

Heather Barkholtz has joined Tao Xu's research group at Northern Illinois University, studying solar cells and fuel cells, and will be collaborating with scientists at Argonne National Laboratory.

Fall 2011

Sarah Apel, Lucas Esser, Janet Kovalaske, Jacob Porter and Wyatt Seagren graduated with chemistry degrees. 

Katie Williams '11 is about to start a new job; she will be a research associate at Sturm Foods.

Spring 2011

Missy Beighley Kofoed '05 has defended her PhD thesis, "Studies of the Distinguishing Features of NADPH:2-ketopropyl Coenzyme M Oxidoreductase/Carboxylase, an Atypical Member of the Disulfide Oxidoreductase Family of Enzymes" at Utah State.  She will stay in the area to teach high school.

Schreiber Foods has transferred Andy Loken '09 to Logan, Utah where he is learning about yogurt manufacturing, and will soon have the opportunity to formulate a new product.

our newest alumni!

grad 11 i

Ashley Hellenbrand, Jen Schauer, Alyssa Dreger, Dr. Wacholtz, Adam Dach, Natasha Schmitz, Dr. Mihalick


grad 11 j

Demetria Dickinson will be starting a PhD program in organic chemistry at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Liem Nguyen will be starting a PhD program in mathematics at Clemson University.

link to more graduation photos

Pete Christensen '10 is enjoying his first year in graduate school at University of British Columbia.  He is working with light sensitive metal/organic complexes in Dr. Michael Wolf's materials chemistry laboratory.

Fall 2010

Bill Griffiths '97 stopped by the department with his daughter, who was attending the High School Theater Festival.  He still works in information technology at Covance; one of his goals is creating a paper-free laboratory. Bill spent a lot of last summer at Covance's Shanghai facility.

Christopher Potratz '04 has started a tenure track position in inorganic chemistry at Jacksonville University in Florida. He is also planning a wedding for next summer.

Spring 2010

Christopher Potratz '04 received his PhD from The Ohio State University.  His research project was "The Synthesis, Structure and Characterization of Extended Cobalt Ruthenium Carbonyl Compounds."

Danielle Leach is doing analytical work at the State Laboratory of Hygiene. In fall she will start in the pharmacy program at UW Madison.

Angela Nichols '07 earned a master's degree from UW Madison, and has spent most of the last year studying rural communities in India.

Andy Loken '09 is a Team Advisor (similar to a plant manager) for Schreiber Foods in West Bend. He is the first chemist, rather than engineer, to hold that position.

This fall Bart Dahl '01 and Jenny Dahl '02 will become assistant professors of Chemistry (Bart) and Materials Science (Jenny) at UW Eau Claire.

Fall 2009

Travis Olson '00 is finishing a Ph.D. in math at Colorado State and is looking for academic jobs.

Andy Loken '09 is working for Aldrich in Milwaukee, doing "small scale" production (up to 50 L) of organic molecules.

John Borisch '95 is an analytical chemist at Lexmark in Lexington, KY. He analyzes emissions from laser and ink-jet printers.

Spring 2009

graduation S09

 Shannon Rose, Stacy Isferding, Bill Wacholtz, Sara Nagl and Andy Loken at graduation.

Fall graduate school plans: Heather Adams '04 will be at UW Milwaukee and Jacob Baus '08 will be at Marquette.

Bart ('01), Jenny ('02) and Amanda Jane Dahl are moving back north this summer. Bart will be an assistant professor of organic chemistry at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jenny will be an adjunct professor of inorganic chemistry in the department while looking for a permanent position.

Matt Dudley successfully defended his Ph. D. thesis in organic chemistry, and is a May graduate of UW Milwaukee. Robert Todd '97 graduates from the same research group.

Brad Horner '08 is working for Aldrich in Sheboygan.

Fall 2008

Eric Saeger is a December graduate. He will be rebuilding and redesigning paper machines for Voith Paper in Appleton.

Chris Ross '03 is an R&D Chemist at Padanaplast USA, Inc, in Sheboygan. He has recently worked on developing an environmentally friendly flame retardant system for PEX wire jackets and insulation, in addition to developing a PEX pipe crosslinking system that produces a cleaner finished product. In his spare time he is working on a master's in chemical engineering at UW Madison, and also teaching MBA classes at Lakeland College.

Robert Todd '97 is still working at Aldrich Sheboygan and finishing a PhD in organic chemistry with Mahmun Hossain at UW Milwaukee.

Brendan Tompkins '05 started a PhD program at Colorado State. He reports that he likes being a teaching assistant (except for the grading),and has joined Ellen Fisher's research group.

Spring 2008

Sarah Kieper and Mike Garvey were married on July 20. Brooke Koshel was a bridesmaid, and Sheila Zelinsky also attended.

seniors '08

Seniors attending their last seminar:  Almon Benton, Jacob Baus, David Abbott, Julie Leibold, Brad Horner, Jonathan Luetke.

new jobs:

Jake Baus works for Epic Systems Corporation in Verona.

seniors' graduate school plans:

Julie Leibold: Ph. D. program in Geochemistry at Colorado School of Mines.

Jonathan Luetke: Pharmacy program at UW Madison.

Sarah Schettle: Physician Assistant program at UW LaCrosse.

other news:

Matt Dodge '03 returned in April to give a seminar, "Total Synthesis of Annonaceous Acetogenins Via Pd(0)-Mediated Asymmetric Double Cycloetherification." Once he finishes his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at UW Madison he plans to work for SAFC in Madison.

Mike Garvey and Sarah Kieper drove up from UW Milwaukee for the seminar. They have joined research groups in physical (MG) and analytical (SK) chemistry, and are also planning a summer wedding.

Spring 2007

graduation 2007

Scott VanderWielen, Kim Johnson, Mike Garvey, Cathy Polster, Autumn Krug, and Alexsia Richards gathered after the graduation ceremony. Cole Anholzer missed the photo opportunity.

Also graduating this semester:Angie Nichols, Amber Schultz, Jessica Seefeldt.

Dana Hatch '03 attended the graduation. She works for Ray-O-Vac in Madison, who recently sent her to China to help start a new plant.

Graduate School plans:

Angie Nichols will be going to UW Madison.

Autumn Krug deferred her admission to UW Madison to work at Aldrich.

Mike Garvey and Sarah Kieper '05 are going to UW Milwaukee.

Brooke Koshel '06 will be going to Purdue.

New Jobs: Cole Anholzer works at Cambridge Major Laboratories in Germantown.
Kim Johnson works at Johnson Brass & Machine Foundry in Saukville.
Alyssa Ladwig is student-teaching 7th grade science in Lomira.
Alexsia Richards and Scott VanderWielen are working at PPD (Pharmaceutical Product Development) in Madison.
Amber Schultz is a chemist at Hydrite Chemical in Oshkosh.
Catherine Polster and Jessica Seefeldt are at Covance in Madison. Catherine works in the pharmaceutical analysis department.

other news: Eric and Christine Kiefer have a new son, Zachary.

Michael DuPrey was in town recently.  He graduated from UW Milwaukee and is now an instructor of mathematics and chemistry at Gateway Technical College.

Fall 2006

Jenny Dahl '02 presented a Department Seminar on her PhD research at University of Oregon. She and her husband Bart Dahl '01 are finishing up their graduate work and moving to Texas.

Brooke Koshel '06 is working at Bemis in Oshkosh, studying food packaging films.

Melissa Beighley '05 is starting her second year of biochemistry graduate school at Utah. Last year she received awards for teaching assistant of the year, and the outstanding freshman graduate student in biochemistry/microbiology! She has joined Scott Ensign's lab and works primarily with a bacterial enzyme used in a short chain hydrocarbon oxidation pathway.

Heather Adams '04 works in Madison, providing technical support for Gilson pipettes.

Fall 2005

Missy Beighley '05 started a Ph.D. program in Biochemistry at Utah State.

Mark Soboleski '00 had to interrupt his Ph.D. research at Tulane University when Hurricane Katrina shut down the city of New Orleans. He left New Orleans before the storm arrived, and luckily did not lose any important samples. His advisor recommended spending some time at a lab in Galveston until Tulane reopens, but Hurricane Rita delayed that plan as well.

Eric Kiefer '02 and his wife Christine welcomed a baby girl, Mia Jeanine, on October 4.

On October 7, 2005, Dr. Joe Prohaska '68, now a professor of biochemistry at University of Minnesota-Duluth, presented the first Department Seminar of the academic year, on "Biochemical Functions of Copper."

Tom Clark '99 is a post-doctoral scholar in Professor Stephen Buchwald's lab at MIT. This fall he is starting to search for a more permanent job.

Matt Dodge '03 and Misty Gebauer were married on May 7th in Baraboo, WI. He is currently in his second year in graduate school at UW Madison, working in Steven Burke's lab.

Jason Otto '01 received a Master's degree last spring in Forensic Chemistry from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is now a quality control chemist at the Milwaukee Water Works Linnwood Plant.

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