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Directory of Chemistry Faculty and Staff, UW Oshkosh

chemistry department

Department members, September 2017
3rd row: Vater Olsen, Kedrowski, Potratz , Hawi, Paulson, Foley
2nd row: Miles, Mihalick, Wacholtz, Bianchetti, Schuttlefield Christus
1st row: Gutow, Tang, Lense, Xie

area code 920 for all

David Miles Academic Department Associate HS 432 424-1400
Kevin Crawford, PhD Professor, Analytical Chem HS 410 424-7433
Patricia Dwyer-Hallquist, PhD Lecturer, Biochem HS 417 424-2039
Michael Foley, PhD Lecturer, Organic Chem HS 440 424-1314
Jonathan Gutow, PhD Professor, Physical Chem HS 412 424-1326
Sharon Hawi, PhD Senior Lecturer, Analytical Chem HS 443 424-1029
Brant Kedrowski, PhD Professor, Organic Chem HS 446 424-3488
Andrew Leavitt, PhD Chancellor, Professor D 220 424-0200
Sheri Lense, PhD Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chem HS 414 424-3476
Jennifer Mihalick, PhD Department Chair;
Professor, Physical Chem
HS 432
HS 439 424-1400
George Vater Olsen, PhD Senior Lecturer, Analytical Chem HS 444 424-2398
James Paulson, PhD Professor, Biochem HS 418 424-7100
Greg Potratz, MS Stockroom Manager HS 449 424-1488
Jennifer Schuttlefield Christus, PhD Associate Professor, Analytical Chem HS 415 424-7101
Yijun Tang, PhD Associate Professor, Analytical Chem HS 442 424-7097
James Tobin, PhD Lecturer, Physical Chem HS 356 424-4430
William Wacholtz, PhD Professor, Inorganic Chem HS 441 424-1482
Lauren Waters, PhD Assistant Professor, Biochem HS 408
Carol Willihnganz, BS Lecturer, Biochem HS 447 424-1400
Linfeng Xie, PhD Professor, Organic Chem HS 445 424-0436
Nenad Stojilovic, PhD Adjunct Associate Professor HS 347 424-4431
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