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Workplace Joy

Adults who are employed full-time in the United States report working an average of 47 hours per week, and one’s work experiences largely impact our well-being. In December 2015, a committee of UW Oshkosh staff and faculty was established in order to provide leadership for all initiatives that support employees’ desire for engagement and a more joyful workplace.

The Workplace Joy group was established to:

  • Provide leadership for all initiatives which support employees’ desire for engagement and a more joyful workplace.
  • Encourage faculty and staff to celebrate victories large and small, recognizing and sharing in the joy of others, and pursuing goals that increase work satisfaction.
  • Uncover all avenues which lead to experiencing the workplace as more than the completion of duties. Discover ways to reduce pain points and increase resilience.
  • Engage one another beyond the boundaries of position, title, role, and uphold our principles of inclusive excellence by building long lasting and healthy relationships.

As part of the Workplace Joy Initiative at UW Oshkosh, a series of research studies are being conducted to examine the long-term impacts of overall work experiences on employees’ wellbeing.

The first two surveys were sent in November 2016 and December 2016, with the third and final survey scheduled for March 2107. Please keep an eye on your campus email from to find the March survey.

In addition to University-wide efforts to increase campus joy, we have experienced a tremendous movement within divisions, departments and colleges. Continue to spread the joy and share your feedback on how we can continue to make UW Oshkosh a great place to work and live.




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