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Chancellor’s Study Group: Work-Life Balance

In September 2016, the Chancellor charged a group to investigate employee work-life balance at UW Oshkosh. The group conducted several open forum discussions, developed two campus-wide surveys, and gathered research from public and private sector organizations. This information is communicated in the Work/Life Balance Study Group Whitepaper.

Charge from the Chancellor:

The group was charged with the task of reviewing UW Oshkosh and the UW System policies, procedures and practices that affect employees’ ability to balance family and or personal needs with their work at the university.

During the course of this work, the group was asked to thoroughly investigate and review the practices and policies of comparable universities within and outside of UW System.

  • Study: Study national best practices of family friendly work environments in higher education.
  • Gather: Work across campus to gather needs and concerns from stakeholders with regard to family friendly support services and coordination of efforts identifying current practices at UW Oshkosh (i.e. what we already have).
  • Present Findings: Develop and present organizational options and their pro’s and con’s with the following considerations:
    1. What obstacles must be overcome? i.e. statute changes, policy revisions
    2. What needs to happen to effect change?
    3. When practical, an estimate of costs associated with specific options

Articles and Supporting Documents

The documents below are external and internal policies, procedures or journal articles on various topics related to work-life balance.

Study Group Members:

  • Michelle Highley
  • Sabrina Johnson
  • Michelle Kuhl
  • Barbara Rau
  • Susan Rensing
  • Laurie Stevens
  • Greg Wypiszynski



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