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Chancellor’s Initiatives

In addition to the activities and actions set by the 2016 strategic plan, Chancellor Leavitt has several initiatives that address needs and opportunities. Staff, faculty and administration at UW Oshkosh continually strive for improvements, increased efficiencies, stronger relationships and an increased infusion of joy in our day-to-day lives. Each of the initiatives is connected to these themes of improving how and why we love to work at UW Oshkosh.

Read more about each initiative below.


Study Groups

In 2016 and 2017, several study groups were formed to delve deep into a variety of process and structures. These study groups sought external research and internal perspective with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement and greater operational efficiency. Learn more 

Workplace Joy

UW Oshkosh staff, faculty and administration have a deep love for the mission and vision that we support. Yet like all organizations, there is an opportunity to increase the joy we feel in our day-to-day work and the lifespan of our careers. This initiative aims to assess and evaluate the level of workplace joy and the opportunities that exist to increase it.  Learn more 

Retirees Association

University staff and faculty who retire from the institution cary with them an immense amount of pride and institutional knowledge, and their continued involvement in the mission of the University can have an extraordinary benefit both for the institution and the individual. Learn more 

Process Improvements

In an effort to examine self-identified areas of improvement, the Titan Continuous Improvement team was established to provide a self reflective opportunity for examination. Applying traditional process improvement standards and working with UW Oshkosh standards, the Titan Continuous Improvement team is making great progress. Learn more 



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