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Workforce Reduction Updates

by AVC of Human Resources Shawna Kuether

Dear University community,

I would like to share some updates regarding the workforce reduction discussions that are part of the Institutional Realignment Plan. This component of the plan and the related process are being developed in consultation with shared governance and are still being assessed. Our need to reduce personnel costs, which Chancellor Leavitt highlighted during his Convocation remarks Thursday, is urgent and is reflected in an aggressive timeline

Work is underway to map out our UW Oshkosh workforce profile and to examine the budgetary impacts. This initial assessment led to the development of a framework that will guide an administrative workforce planning workshop the week of Sept. 11. During this workshop, teams will be formed to review and finalize the layoff plans for the university.

The workshop will draw from several sources to form a proposed layoff plan and decision-making framework. This will include national benchmarking data, comparisons to UW System peer institutions based on anticipated sustained enrollments, and the expertise of a UW System-contracted-and-funded consultant to facilitate impartial decision-making 

During the week of Sept. 11, the workgroup mareach out to individuals throughout campuses to gather information regarding roles and responsibilities within their units. If you are contacted, we ask that you make yourself available to the team at the time they request. This will help us move thoughtfully and quickly through this process to mitigate the anxieties we know anticipated layoffs have created.  

The final plan developed by the workgroup will be presented to Chancellor Leavitt, senior leadership, and shared governance leadership for review and feedback. We expect layoff notices to be completed by the end of October. The layoff effective date will be three months from the notification date. As the Chancellor and Provost have outlined, faculty and instructional academic staff positions will not be included in the layoff plan. Additional information about the process has been added to the IRP website

The final item, and most important to address, is our need to support employees who are impacted by layoffs. Our office is committed to providing resources and support to all impacted employeesas well as those who remain employed at the university. These resources will include counseling opportunities, information sessions on benefit impacts, guidance on the unemployment process, and a plan to foster reemployment opportunities both within and outside the UW System.

I appreciate your patience and involvement while we engage in this process over the next weeks and months. If you have questions, please visit the new workforce reduction page, the FAQ on the main IRP page, or use the form on the main IRP page to submit your questions. 

With respect, 


Shawna Kuether 

AVC of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity