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IRP hiring and recruitment guidelines

(Date: Aug. 22, 2023)

In his Aug. 18 communication to employees Chancellor Leavitt announced a suspension of all recruitments, hirings and non-pay-plan salary adjustments except as necessary to facilitate instruction. The information below from Human Resources further explains the actions being undertaken by UW Oshkosh.


Guidance related to hiring and current recruitments:

  • All non-instructional open recruitments that do not have an accepted offer will be pulled offline as of Aug. 22, 2023, and will be considered frozen. An accepted offer is defined as having an approved offer card in PageUp and having an employment contract issued to the candidate.
  • Positions that are frozen will not be reconsidered for reposting until November 2023, at the earliest. This includes positions that had a pending offer card approval request. Hiring managers who have a position that is being frozen will be contacted by an HR generalist to determine if they want to keep the requisition on hold or close it. A tailored message from HR will be sent to candidates in the applicant pool based on the hiring manager’s decision.
  • The length of the assignment; can this be a brief assignment (30 days or less)?
  • Are the additional duties already expected of the employee (they serve as a backup)?
    Can you distribute the duties among more than one employee to equally impact workloads?
  • Is the person assigned additional duties adequately compensated relative to the vacant position?
  • Is the supervisor or employee assigned the duties in a higher scope position than the unfilled position?
  • Open instructional recruitments will remain posted and be allowed to continue standard recruitment activity until the position is filled. For clarification, instructional positions refer specifically to those directly involved in the delivery of credit-based instruction or direct supervision of students for credit-based activities.
  • For non-instructional recruitments in an interview stage (phone or on campus), an HR generalist will contact the applicant pool to notify them the position is no longer being filled at this time.
  • For non-instructional recruitments that had an offer card pending approval, an HR generalist will contact the finalists to notify them the position is no longer being filled at this time.
  • Exceptions can be requested on a case-by-case basis and must receive written approval, via e-mail, from the division’s VC before being entered into PageUp from the hiring department. The requisition will still go through normal review and approval, including PARA review. The respective VC will be responsible for advocating for the position through the PARA review.
  • Open pools/campaigns for instructional positions will remain open. All others will be taken off the career website and will be frozen.
  • Non-instructional positions that are funded externally will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not an automatic exception.
  • Hiring of student employees and graduate assistants may continue as normal, as these positions are out of scope for the hiring freeze action.

Guidance related to non-pay plan salary adjustments:

    • Adjustments due to faculty tenure and promotion and professorial productivity increases will go through normal review and approval process by the Provost’s office.
    • Overloads will continue to be reviewed through the PARA process.
    • Temporary and permanent salary adjustments are suspended until further notice. Current TBAs will not be renewed when they expire.
    • Additional compensation for those taking on responsibilities from positions that are not filled will not be approved. When assigning duties to others due to unfilled positions, consider:
  • Requisitions placed on hold can be reopened (at a later date and with approval) and move forward with the current candidate pool. A recruitment strategy will be discussed at the time of reopening to determine how to assess interest from current candidates and what timeline should be observed to consider new candidates.
  • Closed requisitions will not be reopened and will start with a new job requisition. Candidates from the previous requisition will not carry forward and will need to reapply.