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Dear University community,

Over the past few weeks, UWO leadership has met with shared governance leaders and human resources to develop details of the furlough program that is part of our Institutional Realignment Plan.

With their thoughtful input, today I am sharing the tiered structure that guides the implementation of furloughs, that run Sept. 10, 2023, through June 1, 2024.

Information on furloughs is provided below, but I encourage you to visit our Institutional Realignment Plan website and click on the “Learn More” link under “Furlough Information” for further details. The implementation of furloughs aligns with UW System furlough policy.

Furlough structure

Your number of furlough days will be set by your salary as of Aug. 28, 2023. Furloughs can be taken in full or half-day increments but may not exceed one day in any two-week pay period. A letter from Human Resources will be sent to each employee later this month outlining the required number of furlough days and providing additional information.

We thank shared governance leaders for recommendations that helped shape the furlough tiers below. Required furlough days, as determined by base salary, are:

  • $150,000 and above – 19 days, an approximately 10% bi-weekly salary reduction
  • $100,000 to $149,999 – 14 days, a 7.37% bi-weekly salary reduction
  • $80,000 to $99,999 – 11 days, a 5.79% bi-weekly salary reduction
  • $60,000 to $79,999 – 8 days, a 4.21% bi-weekly salary reduction
  • $46,000 to $59,999 – 6 days, a 3.16% bi-weekly salary reduction
  • $33,000 to $45,999 – 4 days, a 2.11% bi-weekly salary reduction
  • Below $32,999 – no furlough

Other calculations and considerations

Furloughs for part-time employees are based on salary, which will be prorated based on the percentage of your appointment. For example, if your base salary is $50,000, but your appointment is 60%, your actual salary for determining the number of furlough days would be $50,000 multiplied by .6; in this case $30,000, which would result in no furlough days.

The impact of furloughs on your pay will be managed through payroll smoothing. This means your base salary will be reduced across all pay periods from Sept. 10 to June 1 to ease the impact of the furlough days you are required to take. Pay (reduced by smoothing) will not fluctuate during this period.

You will have the option to select furlough days with approval from your supervisor or department chair. It also will be necessary to enter furlough days (or half days) on your timesheet – unless you are faculty or instructional academic staff. Faculty and IAS will enter an absence for tracking but are not required to fill in a timesheet.

When you are on furlough, it is important that you not connect with work in any way. You may not check emails, take phone calls or perform work. We will work closely with faculty to ensure furlough time is taken around class schedules. I realize this particular guidance may sound and feel rigid. Please know that these expectations and standards are embedded in state law and policy that we must follow.

The best place to start with any questions about this plan is your supervisor or department head. If our IRP website does not answer your questions, we encourage you to submit questions on the form found near the bottom of the IRP website. We will use your input to develop and post an FAQ on the page. If appropriate, we can also have someone respond to you directly. You also may contact Human Resources at

As mentioned above, you will receive detailed information on your required furlough days via an emailed letter later this month. We will continue to do our part to keep you informed. Thank you in advance for staying engaged.

Shawna Kuether

Associate Vice Chancellor
Human Resources and Workforce Diversity