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Universities love data and one area where we have consistently gathered and employed information is in the “outcomes” for our new graduates. Our First Destinations survey tells us many things about our students as they venture into the world of work. We know:

  • The average annual starting salary for our graduates in 2021-2022 was $54,395.
  • 77% of our graduates are working (compared to a national average of 60%).
  • 82% of our graduates who have a career secured that outcome before they graduated.
  • 85% of our graduates are working, continuing their education, serving in the military or volunteering in Wisconsin.

It is safe to say our graduates fuel many of the workplaces in our state; and over the past year we’ve made some changes in how we reach out and connect with our amazing alumni.

Alumni Night at Waterfest and trips to Brewer and Timber Rattler games are still on the docket. We also have strong alumni chapters around the country that I have had the good fortune to visit and get to know those who stand tall in Titan pride.

But more recently we’ve had the opportunity to host events at our corporate partners. We’ve been to Jewelers Mutual, Society Insurance, SECURA, Goodwill, Plexus, AMCOR, Oshkosh Area School District, Evergreen and Northwestern Mutual; with more on tap as we head toward the next academic year.

These events have provided me with a glimpse of our graduates at work. I’ve heard their stories and viewed the contributions they are making to their workplaces and communities. It reinforces the pride I have in the work we do every day at our University, and the pride I have in our students.

They work in high demand fields like healthcare, education, manufacturing, management and financial services. The list is long and covers a broad spectrum of industries.

We know our students’ futures are bright when they are here learning and growing; but during these corporate gatherings, I see how the skills and knowledge they gain are employed to drive the success of our region and state.

I look forward to visiting more of our Titans in the months to come to learn about the impact they are making on our world.

If you’d like to host a UWO alumni event at your business, contact Carrie Rule at or call us
at (920) 424-2367.