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In the span of a week, and over the course of this year, our nation has experienced horrific violence and loss. Our heartache and pain as a people are real and, tragically, recurrent. There must be no safe harbor here or anywhere for the hatred we have witnessed and suffered.

As expressions of compassion and oneness continue to be shared, I challenge us also to focus on deeds—what each of us can do today to enhance our campuses, communities and country as strongholds of empathy, civility and inclusiveness. Bridge differences through care for yourselves and one another. Listen and respond to your classmates’, colleagues’ and neighbors’ needs. Refer to and use resources available to you if you need any assistance during these difficult times. I also encourage you to attend the many programs our three campuses offer to keep us connected and flourishing.

Hate withers in the radiance of this university’s values. May we all continue to put them into practice.


Originally shared via email with the UW Oshkosh campus communities on Oct. 29, 2018.