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I had the privilege of sharing an email today announcing my formal charge to our Provost Search and Screen Committee. This group of volunteers from our different colleges, divisions, departments and governance groups is undertaking one of our institution’s most important processes. The committee is off and running, ready to help write a new passage in the university’s history.

Not to be lost in my short announcement is the message’s salutation (below): “Campus Communities.” Plural. The first time I’ve used that opening, and it is also a bit historic, in a sense.

We are in the process of joining with UW-Fox Valley and UW-Fond du Lac, our Lake Winnebago region’s effort in the broader UW System-wide restructuring of the UW Colleges. We officially become one institution on July 1 this year. However, it is important that UW-Fox Valley and UW-Fond du Lac campus communities immediately share in one of the most important responsibilities and decisions a university can make–the selection of its top academic leader. So, we reached out to and involved faculty from both two-year campuses (four more excellent people in total). They agreed to serve on the provost search committee and help identify candidates, screen them and make a recommendation.

An excerpt from the Feb. 28, 2018 announcement.

This is one more example of the very real ways we are already coming together through restructuring, resolving to together, sooner than later, make some fundamental decisions about our new institution’s future. I could not be prouder.

My thanks to each of the colleagues volunteering their time and energy in this effort.


Here is the full announcement I shared…

Campus Communities,

The Search and Screen Committee for our next Provost is set. Nearly 50 people volunteered, giving us a wealth of insight and expertise to consider as the committee was populated. I am delighted that Dr. Kelli Saginak of the Department of Professional Counseling in the UW Oshkosh College of Education and Human Services has agreed to serve as Chair, and I hope you will join me in thanking her and the other volunteer members. I charged the committee this morning.

This search will benefit from strong representation from all of our governance groups. I am thrilled that we also reached out to include faculty members from UW-Fox Valley and UW-Fond du Lac.

I also want to thank UW Oshkosh Faculty Senate President Steve Bentivenga for his leadership in helping form the committee. As he shared earlier this week, we are grateful to the members for the time and energy they are prepared to invest in one the institution’s most important processes.

The members of the Provost Search & Screen Committee include:

UW Oshkosh Faculty

Kelli Saginak, COEHS, Committee Chair

Nari Kim, COEHS

David Fuller, COB

Dale Feinauer, COB

Kathleen Elertson, CON

Kathleen Wren, CON

Michael Rutz, COLS-S/S

Nenad Stojilovic, COLS -M/S

John Mayrose, COLS – FAPA

Carmen Heider, COLS-Humanities


UW-Fox Valley Faculty

Evan Kreider, Philosophy

Caroline Geary, Chemistry


UW-Fond du Lac Faculty:

Mike Jurmu, Geography/Geology

Sayeed Payesteh, Economics


UW Oshkosh Academic Staff

Rich Marshall, [PAS], Career Services

Domenic Bruni [IAS], English Department


UW Oshkosh University Staff
Sue Jaeke, Registrar’s Office

Julia Hodgen, COB Deans Office


UW Oshkosh Student:

Jacob Banfield, OSA


UW Oshkosh Affirmative Action Rep

Eric Williams, Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence


Thank you,

Chancellor Andy Leavitt