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If you caught the UW Oshkosh Twitter account’s post earlier this week, you saw a GIF of a cat feverishly banging its paws on a computer keyboard. The message: “Time to buckle down and get back to work. Seven weeks left!”

I admit it is hard to top a cat video with a column. I’ll give it a shot. It is my job to share a little inspiration now and then, so here is a simple message I hope is akin to a mid-semester pep tweet: “Finish strong!”

These weeks leading up to the culmination of the spring semester can be more exhilarating than exhausting. The weather turns warmer and brightens, and UW Oshkosh blooms.

There is energy everywhere. Everyone ratchets up their concentration on final exams, research and creative projects. And, of course, we move into May, which brings spring Commencement—the ceremony that hundreds of students and families have been working so hard to reach and celebrate.

I love this time of year on a university campus, and I hope you do, too. A few thoughts as we, individually and collectively, work toward our goals and finish strong:

Embrace the joy of learning. Own it. Take it to another level. And, if you plan to continue your studies here into the summer, keep riding that wave. (Shameless plug:

Tap into your University resources. They belong to you. Whether it involves seeking out some extra tutoring, making another visit with a faculty adviser or booking study group rooms, these services, supports and facilities are your investments. Get the most of them so you can get the most out of yourself.

Celebrate smartly. Take care of yourself and others. Cross the finish line in good health with your friends and peers alongside you.

Remember that your relationship with UW Oshkosh is lifelong. Many graduates will venture far for their first job, continued studies or other opportunities to serve.

However, we know about 91 percent of our graduates who hail from Wisconsin (and 38 percent of those from out of state) stay in Wisconsin three years after Commencement.

They pursue careers, volunteer, plant roots and raise families.

Whether you find yourself just down the road or an ocean away, you are Titans, now and forever. Stay connected. We are invested in your lifelong success.

Finish strong, Titans!


NOTE: This post was first published in the March 30, 2017 edition of The Advance-Titan.