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Online Teaching Certification Program

Due to the current and potential impact of COVID-19, this Online Teaching Certification program has been put on hold. A University-wide email will announce when it has been reactivated. Thank you for your patience.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has created an Online Teaching Certification program.

We listened to you and re-designed the program based on your feedback!
Now, the program is organized into manageable mini-courses like the ones for Canvas.  In turn, it’s easier to move through the program, focusing on your own interests and needs. 

We also added three different levels of certification to the program: Basic Certification, Intermediate Certification, and Advanced Certification.  This change allows you to be rewarded earlier in the process.  Right now, we are rolling out only the Basic Certification with the Intermediate and Advanced following soon! 

Basic Certification includes three required courses:   

    B.1 - Planning an Online Course

    B.2 - Creating and Selecting Instructional Materials

    B.3 - Teaching to Online Students

The program is designed to be as flexible as possible while still helping participants reach the goal of completion.  We encourage you to move through the program at your own pace while you work toward the ultimate goal of completing it. 

Under Construction: Opening Soon!

After you complete the Basic Certification, you can still increase your knowledge and skills by completing additional mini-courses that explore such critical topics as Accessibility, Academic Honesty, Grading Strategies and more!  The more mini-courses you complete the higher level of certification you achieve. 

Intermediate Certification: complete 3 additional mini-courses beyond the Basic Certification. 

Advanced Certification: complete 3 additional mini-courses beyond the Intermediate Certification. 

Although our initial run will only include the Basic Certification, we are building more courses and look forward to launching them in upcoming months. 


Please watch for a University email announcement for the re-activation of the Online Teaching Certification Program.  Due to the current and potential impact of COVID-19, this program has been put on hold.  Thank you for your patience.

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