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Faculty Development and Higher Education

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Faculty Development and Higher Education Books

A Guide to Faculty Development: Practical Advice, Examples, and Resources
Author: Gillespie, K.H.
Academic Strategy: The Management Revolution in American Higher Education
Author: Keller, G.
Advice for New Faculty Members
Author: Boice, R.
American Professors: A National Resource Imperiled
Authors: Bowen, H.R. & Schuster, J.H.
Being a Teacher in Higher Education
Author: Knight, P.T.
Changing Practices in Evaluating Teaching: A Practical Guide to Improved Faculty Performance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions
Author: Seldin, P.
Collaborative Learning: Teaching and Learning in the Arts, Sciences, and Professional Schools
Author: Hamilton, S.J.
College: The Undergraduate Experience in America
Author: Boyer, E.L.
Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk
Authors: Hersh, R.H. & Merrow, J.
Educating Citizens: Preparing America's Undergraduates for Lives of Moral and Civic Responsibility
Authors: Colby, A, Ehrlich, T., Beaumont, E., & Stephens, J.
Educational Psychology: Windows on Classrooms
Authors: Eggen, P. & Kauchack, D.
Effective Teaching in Higher Education: Research and Practice
Authors: Perry, R.P. & Smart, J.C.
Enhancing Faculty Careers: Strategies for Development and Renewal
Authors: Schuster, J.H. & Wheeler, D.W.
Face to Face: A Sourcebook of Individual Consultation Techniques for Faculty/Instructional Developers
Authors: Lewis, K.G. & Lunde, J.T.P.
Faculty in New Jobs: A Guide to Settling in, Becoming Established, and Building Institutional Support
Author: Menges, R.J.
Fieldguide for Teaching in a New Century
Authors: Aminzade, R. & Pescosolido, B.A.
FIRE's Guide to Free Speech on Campus
Authors: French, D.A., Lukianoff, G., & Silvergate, H.A.
Grant Opportunities to Further civic Education
Mehaffy, G.L.
Grassroots Grants: An Activist's Guide to Proposal Writing
Author: Robinson, A.
Handbook on Student Development: Advising, Career Development, and Field Placement
Authors: Ware, M.W. & Millard, R.J.
Helpful Hints on Preparing a Research Grant Application to the National Institutes of Health
How Colleges Work: The Cybernetics of Academic Organization and Leadership
Author: Birnbaum, R.
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School
Authors: Bransford, J.D., Brown, A.L. & Cocking, R.R.
How Professor's Think
Author: Lamont, M.
Images of Organization
Author: Morgan, G.
Improving College Teaching
Author: Seldin, P.
In the Company of Scholars: The Struggle for the Soul of Higher Education
Author: Getman, J.
Innovative Approaches to Faculty Development: Initiatives and Programs that will Support Your Educators: Annual Meeting
Author: AAC&U
Learning from Change: Landmarks in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from Chicago Magazine 1969-1999
Author: DeZure, D.
New Expectations for Undergraduate Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology
Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook
Van Note Chrism, N.
Preparing a research Grant Application to the National Institutes of Health
Professing to Learn: Creating Tenured Lives and Careers in the American Research University
Author: Neumann, A.
Recruiting Good College Faculty: Practical Advice for a Successful Search
Authors: Perlman, B. & McCann, L.I.
Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership
Authors: Bolman, L.G. & Deal, T.E.
Regulation and Compliance: A Compendium of Regulations and Certifications Applicable to Sponsored Programs
Authors: Youngers, J.A. & Norris, J.T.
Rethinking Faculty Work: Higher Education's Strategic Imperative
Author: Gappa, J.M., Austin, A.E., & Trice, A.G.
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)
Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate
Author: Boyer, E.L.
Teaching Improvement Practices: Successful Strategies for Higher Education
Author: Wright, W.A.
The 6th Annual UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
The Academic's Handbook
Authors: Deneef, A.L. & Goodwin, C.D.
The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today's Students
Author: Bloom, A.
The Grantwriters Start-up Kit: A Beginner's Guide to Grant Proposals
Author: Successful Images, Inc.
The New Faculty Member
Author: Boice, R.
The New Professor's Handbook: A Guide to Teaching and Research in Engineering and Science
Authors: Davidson, C.I. & Ambrose, S.A.
The Social Worlds of Higher Education: Handbook for Teaching in a New Century
Authors: Pescosolido, B.A. & Aminzade, R.
The Teaching Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Performance and Promotion/Tenure Decisions
Author: Seldin, P.
The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education
Bonk, C.J.
Three Thousand Futures: The Next Twenty Years of Higher Education
To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development
Authors: Nilson, L.B. & Miller, J.E.
Why Choose the Liberal Arts?
Author: Roche, M.W.
Winning Grants Step by Step
Author: Carlson, M.
Writing for Social Scientists: How to Start and Finish Your Thesis, Book, or Article
Author: Becker, H.

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