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Project Success Referral Suggestions

What to look for:


  • Slow or labored reading

  • Possible memorization of words with little/no comprehension of material

  • Hesitancy to read aloud in class


  • Significant/ consistent difficulty with spelling
  • Consistently difficult to read handwriting with inconsistent spacing of words/ sentences


  • Student demonstrates consistent effort and use of resources, but achievement does not match
  • Difficulty with basic computation and mental math skills


  • Poor organization skills and/or time management
  • Poor organization with notes or thoughts



Look for possible signs among students

  • Student is putting in extra work but is not performing
  • Low test scores, even though the student has shown proof of understanding
  • Utilizes office hours frequently
  • Student has shared previous diagnoses and/or use of IEP or 504 Plan in HS
  • Student is struggling with completing the required readings
  • Student is experiencing difficulty focusing and/or anxiety during testing



  • Address concerns with student
  • Have open conversation regarding course performance
  • Possible questions to ask:
    • Do you struggle with spelling, reading, comprehension, and/or writing?
    • Do you experience a heightened level of anxiety when you complete exams?
    • Did you receive any additional support in the past?
    • How are you doing in the class? What is challenging you?
    • General Statements to use:
    • If you have been struggling in reading, writing, spelling, math (choose any that apply), you might want to connect with Project Success.
    • If you have received academic accommodations in the past, here is some information on a program that provides additional support at UWO.



  • Initial one-one meetings with students are a great way to help identify potential students to refer to Project Success sooner.
  • It is not the instructor’s responsibility to ask for detailed diagnoses or specific past accommodation information to refer a student to Project Success.

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