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Learning Activities

Introduction to Learning Activities

Now that you have established your learning outcomes and identified your assessment strategies you can move on to selecting and creating your learning activities. Just like the assessments you chose, the learning activities you select need to directly relate to your learning outcomes. You will also want to incorporate both direct instructional activities and indirect instructional activities. There are a couple of videos in the playlist in this section that talk about the two forms of instruction as well as provide examples of each.

In addition to selecting both direct and indirect learning activities, you will want to make sure they are meaningful activities. The more meaningful the activity the more engaged learners will be in their learning. The video playlist in this section explains the meaning of learning activities, learning activity alignment, and direct versus indirect instruction. They also discuss the importance of meaningful learning activities and the characteristics of meaningful learning activities.

The videos in the "Learning Activities" playlist are licensed under the Standard
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Learning Activity Resources

The videos in the "Learning Activity Ideas" playlist are licensed under the Standard
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The video playlist in this section provides ideas on learning activities that can be incorporated into your course. This playlist contains many ideas that initially appear to be geared toward a face-to-face class; however, these activities can be easily modified to work in an online environment. For assistance in adapting these activities please consult with one of the campus instructional designers.  

In addition to the video playlist, we have included several websites that contain ideas for a variety of learning activities. Again, some of them appear to be geared specifically toward a face-to-face environment while other are geared specifically for online learning. Like the activities from the video playlist, consult with one of the campus instructional designers for assistance adapting an instructional technique for your online course.

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