SOTL Pilot Projects

In this year-long program, participants will address a teaching and learning challenge and expand their SOTL research experience by completing a SOTL project and presenting it to the UW Oshkosh teaching community.

We’re inviting you to focus on a project that, in particular, will advance equity and inclusion on our campus. We welcome a wide variety of ways of engaging with this theme.

For example, you could focus your project on equitable grading, small group work in large classrooms, or strength-based assessment. All of these strategies have been shown to increase academic achievement among students, particularly for those students who have been structurally marginalized within higher education. Or, you could focus your project on social justice specifically such as what misunderstandings do students have about Critical Race Theory, as one example.

All of these are just examples of potential projects; many other kinds of projects are possible. We welcome research from a variety of perspectives and encourage you to propose a project that reflects your interests and passions.

For instructors selected to participate, a $1,000 in professional development funds will be provided for those experienced scholarly teaching and learning researchers undertaking an exploratory or pilot project. These funds will be awarded after a final report on the project is completed.

Typical Award Cycle

  • Applications for the current award cycle are due on October 3, 2022
  • For those selected to participate in the program, data is collected in the Spring semester.
  • Showcase presentations of one’s work are presented in the Fall 2023 semester