SOTL Mentor Program 2022 – 2023

In this year-long program, participants new to SOTL are paired with instructors with SOTL experience for dialogue related to scholarly investigation of teaching and learning. This program is designed to prepare UW Oshkosh scholars to conduct SOTL inquiry via supportive relationships with published SOTL researchers. Each participant in the program receives a $500 professional development stipend upon completion.

Requirements and Expectations:

Typically, mentoring pairs meet face-to-face monthly.  Each pair provides the whole group with a brief written summary of their ongoing progress to inform the collaborative discussions at the group meetings.


The mentoring program, both one-on-one and in a small group, allows for intellectually stimulating conversation that keeps me motivated and pointed in the right direction.
Karen Gibson


All participants will meet for three face-to-face group sessions: one in fall semester, one in interim/early spring semester, and one in late spring semester/early spring interim. The timing of the sessions depend on the availability of the participants. These face-to-face dialogues are a critical component of the program, offering participants the opportunity for feedback and input from the other mentoring pairs.

By the spring group meeting, mentees will have developed a SOTL research question and supplementary items. These outcomes will provide a strong foundation for potential future grant applications and/or implementation of a SOTL research project. Mentees are encouraged to submit their proposals to be considered for Fall 2023 SOTL Pilot Project grants.

A short final report is required of each mentee prior to receiving the professional development funds. The final report can also serve as a proposal for the SOTL Pilot Project grant as the report meets the criteria for the grant.

APPLY NOW!: To apply, fill out this form and submit it by Monday, October 3, 2022.