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SOTL Pilot Projects

Applications are typically due each Fall. Please watch for an announcement in a future CETL Lessons email.

In this year-long program, participants will address a teaching and learning challenge and expand their SOTL research experience by completing a project to present to the UW Oshkosh teaching community. For faculty selected to participate in the program, a $1,000 stipend is provided for both those new to scholarly teaching and learning or experienced scholarly teaching and learning researchers undertaking an exploratory or pilot project. 

Typical Award Cycle

  • Applications for the current award cycle are typically due around the end of September.
  • For those selected to participate in the program, data is collected in the spring semester.
  • Showcase presentations of one’s work are presented in fall.

Full SOTL projects intended to result in publication should be submitted under the Faculty Development Program's Research Component. (Though it should be noted that some Pilot Projects have led to publication.)



1. Briefly describe any experience you have with the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL). If you are new to SOTL, you are welcome to apply!
2. What is the research question or hypothesis you plan to address in your project? How did you select this area of focus for investigation? (Note that most SOTL pilot projects emanate from a student learning challenge that occurs within the investigator's class or program.)
3. How do you plan to address this question? (This discussion of methodology may be quite brief and may need further development through discussion with the CETL director. Also note that this pilot project may be a part of a larger project.)

4. How will you measure or assess student learning? (Student learning measurement is a required component of SOTL projects; we do not want to measure student perceptions of learning.)

If you need help, feel free to schedule a consultation prior to the due date for submissions.

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