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Praise for Mentor Program

Mentor Feedback

"A thoroughly positive service activity!"
Doug Heil, Radio/TV/Film

"I have discovered a great colleague who I would not have talked as much with if not for this program. We both made one another feel affirmed and appreciated. The strengths of senior faculty and junior faculty in our case were different—I understand the politics, the unwritten expectations and he totally gets new technology and has an energetic attitude. I appreciate this opportunity and think my mentee is getting better mentoring because this program exists."
~Jean Erdman, Curriculum and Instruction

Mentee Feedback

"By participating in the SOTL Mentoring Program, I learned the value of research in relationship to teaching. This has been an extremely beneficial opportunity as a new faculty member. The mentoring that transpired definitely made me feel more at ease and I knew I had someone to talk with and find answers. I have learned what is available to me at UWO and specifically how SOTL is so very supportive."
~Elizabeth Alderton, Reading Education

"There is great value in allowing oneself time for reflection. My mentor's guidance has been exceedingly important to me. I value her knowledge, experience, and expertise. Being involved in the mentor program gave me a chance to build the kind of collegiality a junior faculty member desperately needs."
~Karen Gibson, Human Services and Educational Leadership

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