Day 1 - Charting Math Pathways


While some math problems have only one solution, the best solutions to math curriculum problems are open-ended and evolve to best serve learners. Significant changes in math programs are happening across the system and major revisions to course prerequisites were put in place at UW Oshkosh this semester. The hope is these innovations will increase students' success in mathematics and college.

In consultation with faculty and advisers across the UW System, math pathways have been created to help match students to the math classes that best serve them. These pathways will help get students into the right math classes, which is one of the best ways to boost their success. Pathways will also help ensure their math classes are aligned to the needs of their major programs.

This panel of speakers from the UW Oshkosh Mathematic Department, Academic Advising, and the Department of Teaching and Learning will discuss the motivation behind the revisions, what was changed and what remains the same.


    Dr. Stephanie Bernander, COEHS
    Ken Price, Math Department, Oshkosh campus
    Lisa Szromba, UARC
    Carrie Tirel, Math Department, Fox Cities math campus

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