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Trauma-Informed Pedagogy Workshop


Amid the call by BIPOC activists for radical structural change to address racial injustice and the onset of the COVID pandemic, many instructors turned to trauma-informed pedagogy as a way to address the grief, fear, and anxiety being experienced by structurally excluded students specifically as well as students generally. Dr. Mays Imad emphasizes that, after a person experiences trauma, their brain changes and has a reduced ability to learn. She promotes trauma-informed pedagogy as a way to support students’ healing as well as learning.  


At this event, Dr. Teysha Bowser and Dr. Heidi Nicholls will share their own trauma-informed teaching strategies. These include engaging students in direct conversation about trauma happening now such as the widespread murder of Indigenous women and the stripping of the rights of people with uteruses, introducing ways of spirit protecting in the face of so many threats of spirit murdering, and engaging student’s creativity and artistry in assignments. A focus will also be placed on students using their artistry and creativity to empower themselves to self-advocate, practice self-care, and move towards healing. Join this event to be inspired, connect to a community of folks invested in addressing students’ trauma, and walk away with new ideas for supporting students. 


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Date: Wednesday, August 17th  10:00 am -12:00 pm

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Meeting ID: 973 8216 7430     Passcode: 631357


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