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Action Allyship in the Classroom


What does it mean to be an ally to our racially and ethnically minoritized students, trans and non-binary students, LGBTQ students, and students at multiple intersections of these categories? 


This day-long workshop will focus on how to enact allyship in the classroom. With the rise in students who identify as gender non-binary or transgender, as well as more vocal discussions by racially and ethnically minoritized people of what it means to be actively antiracist, it is imperative that we educate ourselves on how to be an ally. Being an ally means more than tolerance or acceptance; it means actively changing our policies and even the language we use in the classroom to make learning more equitable for all students. It means following the lead of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ activists, scholars, and students in making change.  


To this end, this workshop will focus in particular on action allyship as well as how to make our classrooms a safe space for all students. The workshop will offer pedagogical strategies to address microaggressions in the classroom in real time and how to support and celebrate the voices of structurally excluded students and people as part of being an effective instructor and creating equitable classrooms.

Session Agenda

  • Session I:  Gendered Racism and Racial Battle Fatigue
  • Session II: Trans Advocacy in the Classroom
  • Session III: Bias Reporting & Small Group Discussion
  • Session IV: Best Practices for Addressing Microaggressions in Real Time


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