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The Impact of Assessment on Student Success


Assessment is an integral part of the learning process. There are many ways in which we can improve educational outcomes through creating better assessments and establishing clear, specific methods for grading and evaluating learning outcomes. This panel will provide insights into the many facets of how student success is dramatically influenced by how students are graded, how already established resources like Early Alert can be used to support students, and how as a university community we can design an environment in which all students can be successful. In bringing together people from a variety of academic perspectives (instructional, professional, and university staff), we hope to provide unique perspectives that stimulate conversation around increasing student success through grading.

Moderator: Jenny Schuttlefield Christus, Women in Science and Chemistry, Oshkosh Campus


  • Tim Arnold, Counseling Center, Oshkosh Campus

  • Caroline Geary, College of Letters and Science Dean's Office & Chemistry Department, Fox Cities Campus

  • Liz Whalley, Undergraduate Advising Resource Center, Oshkosh Campus

  • Houa Xiong, Dean of Students Office, Oshkosh Campus


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