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Preparedness in Reading, Writing, and Math: Supporting Our Students and Changing Ourselves


When it comes to the fundamental academic proficiencies of reading, writing, and math, college students have a wide range of abilities, experiences, and attitudes. This has perhaps never been truer than it is now, as all of our students, new and continuing alike, have spent the last year doing their best to continue their learning through three intersecting pandemics of racial injustice, COVID-19, and economic collapse. As university employees, it is our job to meet our students where they are, with expectations and support that enable every student to feel capable and continue to grow and succeed. This session will help attendees answer the question "What do I need to know about preparedness in reading, writing, and math so that I can best support students?" Answering this question doesn't just require understanding students' preparedness, though we will certainly work on that, by hearing from experts in first year and developmental education and student support about common abilities and mindsets of first- and second-year students. It also requires interrogating the very idea of preparedness and understanding how structural inequities and exclusionary ideologies contribute to how we view college readiness and who is placed into developmental courses. This session will provide new ideas for building scaffolding and realistic expectations into classes, providing resources and support to students, and working to bolster a campus culture in which we see every student as headed for success and make it our job to ensure they can be.


  • Byron Adams, Office of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence, Oshkosh Campus
  • Sam Looker-Koenigs, English Department, Oshkosh Campus
  • Crystal Mueller, Writing Center and English Department, Oshkosh Campus
  • Alayne Peterson, English Department, Fond du lac Campus
  • Ken Price, University Studies Program and Math Department, Oshkosh Campus

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