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Mental Health Journey of the Student Through the Pandemic


This workshop will focus on the challenges students, faculty, and staff faced navigating the pandemic. Through a journey and exploration of the challenges experienced, it will focus on what we learned about ourselves and what we learned about others, what skills we will take with us and what we will put down, and relate all of this to the student journey. This workshop will also focus on the collective and individual trauma that has been part of this time, such as loss, racial reckoning, interpersonal violence, financial impacts, and increased mental health symptoms. Data on the mental health of our students will also be shared. The concept of post-trauma growth will be discussed and the recognition that we all have been traumatized in the same and different ways, and, yet, there remains an expectation that students get back to “normal.”  Ideas of how instructors and professional staff can come from a trauma-informed approach to students (and themselves) will be shared as well as ideas about what we can do to best support students' mental health through the wellness recovery.


  • Sandy Cox, Counseling Center, Oshkosh Campus



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