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Learning Tips for Long-term Retention and Recall



The main study skills students presently rely on are massed practice, repetition, rereading, and highlighting which cause a false sense of fluency. Memory has two strengths, storage strength and retrieval strength with the theory of desirable difficulty stating the harder one has to work to retrieve a memory, the greater the subsequent spike in retrieval and storage strength. Some skills that are based on this theory are spaced-repetition, pretesting, interleaving, and regular testing which lead to deeper learning. Incorporating them into teaching as well as showing students how to use them could lead to deeper learning, stronger retrieval, and longer retention. This workshop will introduce participants to these study skills, demonstrate how they could be used in class, and discuss how they can lead to high student outcomes.


  • Jeff Mehring, CETL Instructional Designer

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    • Wednesday, March 16, 10:00 - 11:00 AM

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    Meeting ID: 928 6799 2123     Passcode: 561139


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